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IBPS PO V Interview Experience shared by Navjot

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Hi Friends!
This is Navjot as you all know me well. I am sharing my INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE with you all and it will be helpful for those having their interviews in upcoming days.

My interview(IBPS PO) held on 18/01/2016. It was scheduled at 1:00pm, reached venue by 11:45 am. Document verification process started and it was very stringent, please do carry all the required documents as specified by IBPS. After this process I was asked to wait for my turn.

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IBPS PO Interview Experience

  • Name: Navjot Kaur
  • Location: Punjab
  • Venue: Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Ludhiana
  • Date: 18/01/2016
  • Panel Members: 5

While entering in the room, (Panel II – 4 males and 1 female)
Aao Aao Navjot (Come in Navjot)
Me: (smiling) Good Afternoon Sirs, Good Afternoon Mam
All Panel Members: Very Good Afternoon Navjot. Please, Have a seat.

Panel member in the middle of all members: So, Navjot what are your qualifications?
Me: Sir, I did my Post Graduation in IT from PU Chandigarh.

M3: That’s Good. Tell me something about Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana?
Me: Sir, This scheme is to increase the financial inclusion that every common man gets access to financial services. In this scheme, Account holders will be provided zero-balance bank account with RuPay debit card and an overdraft facility. Moreover, There’s insurance cover of 2lakh(Oops! It was 1 lakh :()
Till now nearly 20crore accounts are opened under this scheme. This is the most successful scheme launched by our Govt.

M2: What is Women Empowerment?
Me: Sir, Women Empowerment is to improve the condition of women and to ensure equal rights to women. Nowadays our NDA Govt. is doing a lot for Women there are many schemes like
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Sukannya Samridhi Yojana under BBBP in which an account is opened with interest rate nearly 9.2%. There’s one bank called Bharatiya Mahila Bank for women gives loan to women at less rates.

M2: Good Navjot. Who’s MD OF BMB?
Me: Usha Ananthnamniam (M Not good at south Indian Names Sorry no offence :D)
All: What? Say it again. They were laughing like a lot….. and me too..
Me: This time I said it right. Sir Usha Ananthasubramanian. She is MD of PNB and BMB.

M1: Good. What according to you is a leader?
Me: Sir, a leader should be followed and not feared. He/She should be like people follow him/her. He/She should motivate employees to achieve their goals in a timely manner.

M3: Very Good Navjot
Lady: Have you ever been to a bank?
Me: Yes Mam..

Lady: So what according to you should be improved in banks?
Me: To be very frank Mam I want to share here an incident with you.
One day I visited a bank and a farmer was there to open an account he was so confused and was not getting where to go and what’s the procedure. All the staff was busy. On top of that, One staff member directed him but unfortunately he was not getting his point. So my whole lot point is, staff should be like customers feel free to talk with them. As a result it will help to attract customers.

M2: That’s very good.

M3: What’s NPA?
Me: Sir it’s Non Performing Asset
“As the name indicates an asset which stops performing.” If a customer took loan and is not depositing anything for 90days then that becomes NPA which is bad for banks.

M3: And what are ways to recover?
Me: Sir there are some ways like SARFAESI ACT 2002, Lok Adalats, DRT

All: Good, Good. Thank You Navjot. You can go now.
Me: Thank you all. Thank You Mam. (Smiled)

Overall I think they were looking satisfied. Fingers crossed now.
Do well fellas! You can rock this interview  JUST BE CONFIDENT.