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IBPS PO VII Interview Experience shared by Shankar Kalidas

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Shankar shared interview experience that he had during IBPS PO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


Interview Experience I am shankar kalidas . B.E mechanical engineering . I shared my  PO interview experience with you affairscloud.

Name: G. Shankar kalidas
Date: 02-02-2018
Time: 8.30AM
Venue: IOB Regional Head Office, Chennai
Panel: 3

The panel have five members one female and four male. My turn at 12.30PM.

M1 : Shankar you attached National Green crop certificate. What is that ?
Me : Explained(I get it from my school days for serving nature and create awareness about importance of our nature )

M1 : Name the different type of loans you get for agriculture?
Me : Explained

M1 : what are all the other types of loans?
Me  : Explained
(Then he pass  question to M2)

M2: Tell few points about Union Budget 2018-2019?
Me : I told 6-7 points

M2: How many nationalised bank in India?
Me : said

M2: Which is the largest nationalised bank in India?
Me : said
(Then she pass question to M3)

M3: Who is the deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha?
Me : MS. Sumitra Mahajan

M3: No, deputy speaker of Lok Sabha?
Me: sorry sir, I don’t know
(And M3 gave some clues, he is from karur where you graduated. But at the time I forgot it. And he pass question to M4)

M4: who is the first prime minister of India?
Me : Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru

M4 : who is first president of India?
Me : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

M5: What is the capital of Madhya Pradesh?
Me : Bhopal

M5 : who is the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?
Me: Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

M1, M2 – Good , All the very best

Me: Thank you Mam, Thank you sir…,

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THANK YOU Shankar for sharing your Interview Experience with us!!!!!!!!!!!