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IDBI Manipal PO Interview Experience shared by Prudhvi Ghanta

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Prudhvi shared interview experience that he had during IBPS PO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


NAME : Prudhvi Ghanta
DATE : 9/2/2018
INterviewHi, am Prudhvi.Ganta. Am here to share my interview experience for IDBI Manipal PO.Documents verification was done by 9:30 am then we are to sit according to serial order in which am the first person.

Knocked door.

Madam : Please Come in.
It was a panel of 1 Madam and 3 sirs.
Me : Good Morning Madam, sirs.

Sir 2 : Yeah, Good morning Please take your seat.
Settled down and smiled indicating that am ready.

Sir 2 : Tell me about yourself.
Me : Answered.

Sir 2 : Oh, you did NCC ( As I have NCC A Certificate ) Two
questions on my course.

Sir 2 : Why do you choose banking over Civil Engineering despite lucrative pay there ?
Me : Answered but didn’t undermined civil engg.

Madam : Have you gone through today’s newspaper ? What are the headlines ?
Me : Yes madam I read The Hindu and Eenadu (Telugu regional) papers, mentioned important affairs like Maldives issue, Govt. data on Aadhaar linkage with social schemes, CCI fine on Google briefly.

Madam : Any sports news ?
Me : Mentioned Hazard Cup, India vs South Africa’s 4th ODI.

Sir 1 : Any current issues about IDBI ?
Me : Gave brief summary about Quarter 3 results which were announced on Feb 1,2018. Like Net NPA’s : 24.72 % 3R policy by IDBI.

Sir 1 : Elaborate NPA ? How psu banks especially IDBI get out of these NPA’s ?
Me : Explained.

Sir 1 : What are the acts formed to deal with NPA ?
Me : Answered.

Sir 1: Looked to Sir 3 to bat. ;)
Sir 3 : Why do we need banks ?
Me : Answered in detail.

Sir 3 : Why do we have higher risk in personal loans when compared to home loans ?
Me : Answered.

Sir 2 : What are the major functions of RBI ?
Me : Answered briefly.

Sir 2 : Do you know Hindi ? Do you work anywhere in India ?
Me : Ha sir, Muje Hindi samajtha lekin bath karne ke Kuch problem hotha, mei achii bath karne keliye prayath kartha hu. (Sry If there are any mistakes)

Sir 2 : So, u learned Hindi ?
Me : Yes sir, as a subject in 10th class.

Sir 2 looked at madam to end the interview but madam asked yet another final bullet.
Madam : Asked about written marks and cutoff of main exam.
Me : Answered.

Madam : Do you know CAD programming ?
Me : Explained, but not to the mark.

Sir 2 : Yes, you can go Prudhvi.
That’s my interview folks. Waiting for final result.

THANK YOU Prudhvi for sharing your Interview Experience with us!!!!!!!!!!!