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GOVT SCHEMES 2014-15: Miscelenous programmes Part 9 PDF

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Dear Readers & Aspirants, We collected Gov Schemes in Miscelenous programmes and make it in PDF format. We Hope it will definitely help you for your Exams.All the Best My Dear Aspirants & Readers.

#1.Pandit deendayal upadhyay shramev yojana

The Prime Minister lauded the efforts of the Ministry of Labour and Employment in launching a series of schemes simultaneously, which took into account the interests of workers, as well as the employers. He said the

 **Shram Suvidha Portal has simplified compliance of 16 labour laws, through a single online form.

He said the transparent Labour Inspection Scheme for random selection of units for inspection, would end undue harassment of the “Inspector Raj” while ensuring better compliance.

The Prime Minister expressed his concern that as much as Rs. 27,000 crore was lying unclaimed with the Employees Provident Fund Organization. He said this money belonged to poor workers of India, and the portability provided for Employees Provident Fund through the Universal Account Number would put an end to such money being locked up and not reaching the intended beneficiary.

The Prime Minister said the initiative of appointing National Brand Ambassadors of Vocational Training would instill pride and confidence in ITI students. The Prime Minister also honoured selected brand ambassadors.

The Apprentice Protsahan Yojana and the Effective Implementation of revamped Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) for labour in the unorganized sector were also launched today.

The Prime Minister said the “Shramev Jayate” initiatives were an essential element of the “Make in India” vision, as they would pave the way for skill development of youth in a big way, and even create an opportunity for India to meet the global requirement of skilled labour workforce in the years ahead.


 That would allot Labour Identification Number (LIN) to nearly 6 lakhs units and allow them to file online compliance for 16 out of 44 labour laws

  • An all-new Random Inspection Scheme: Utilizing technology to eliminate human discretion in selection of units for Inspection, and uploading of Inspection Reports within 72 hours of inspection mandatory
  • Universal Account Number: Enables 4.17 crore employees to have their Provident Fund account portable, hassle-free and universally accessible
  • Apprentice Protsahan Yojana: Will support manufacturing units mainly and other establishments by reimbursing 50% of the stipend paid to apprentices during first two years of their training
  • Revamped Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana: Introducing a Smart Card for the workers in the unorganized sector seeded with details of two more social security schemes

#2.Deen dayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalya yojana­­

*Features _

  • Enable Poor and Marginalized to Access Benefits
  • Demand led skill training at no cost to the rural poor , Inclusive Program Design
  • Mandatory coverage of socially disadvantaged groups (SC/ST 50%; Minority 15%; Women 33%)
  • Shifting Emphasis from Training to Career Progression
  • Pioneers in providing incentives for job retention, career progression and foreign placements
  • Greater Support for Placed Candidates
  • Proactive Approach to Build Placement Partnerships
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Implementation Partners

Deen dayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalya yojana

Regional Focus_

  • Greater emphasis on projects for poor rural youth in Jammu and Kashmir (HIMAYAT),
  • The North-East region and 27 Left-Wing Extremist (LWE) districts (ROSHINI)
  • All program activities are subject to Standard Operating Procedures that are not open to interpretation by local inspectors. All inspections are supported by geo-tagged, time stamped videos/photographs

#3.PAHAL scheme _ Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh _ LPG debt scheme

  1. The Direct Benefit transfer of LPG (DBTL) scheme PAHAL (Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh) has been re-launched in 54 districts on 15 November 2014 in the 1st Phase and will be launched in the rest of the 622 districts of the country on 1 January 2015.
  1. Consumers who wish to join the scheme will have to either link their Aadhaar number into their bank account and their LPG consumer or if they do not possess Aadhaar number, they will have to link their bank account directly with their 17 digit LPG Id. Once a Consumer joins the scheme, he will get the cylinders at market price and will receive LPG subsidy directly in his bank account. A sum of Rs.568 will be paid in advance to the consumer, in the bank account, who now joins the scheme, as soon as he makes the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme to ensure that he has extra money required to pay for the first LPG cylinder at market price. This is in addition to subsidy that is paid on each cylinder. Camps are being set up at various banks, and LPG distributor’s premises to enable LPG consumers to open bank account and enroll for Aadhaar if they need to do so to join the scheme.
  2. To keep consumers informed about their status in the scheme, consumers will receive SMS at every stage in the scheme. To avail of this feature all LPG consumers are requested to register their mobile number with their distributor if they have not done so. They are also advised to receive cylinders only with cash memos to be assured of their subsidy transfer.LPG debt scheme
  3. The scheme will cover over 15.3 crore consumers across 676 districts of the country. Currently over 6.5 crore consumers i.e. 43% have already joined the scheme and will receive subsidy in their bank account.
  4. DBTL is designed to ensure that the benefit meant for the genuine domestic customer reaches them directly and is not diverted. By this process public money will be saved. All LPG customers are requested to immediately join the scheme as above.
  5. All LPG consumers who are yet to join the scheme must do so quickly. Those who do not have bank accounts must first open bank accounts and then submit the required details to their LPG distributor/Bank for becoming cash transfer compliant.
  6. As on 30 December 2014, an amount of Rs.624 crore has been transferred to over 20 Lakh LPG consumers since the launch of the scheme on 15th November 2014.
  7. LPG consumers who do not wish to avail the LPG subsidy for LPG cylinders can simply choose to opt out of subsidy. Over 12000 citizens have already voluntarily given up subsidy freeing up crores of subsidy amount for their less privileged brethren.


Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has introduced a Pension and Life Insurance fund scheme called Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY) for the Overseas Indian workers having Emigration Check Required (ECR) passports.


objective of MGPSY is to encourage and enable the overseas Indian workers by giving government contribution to:

  • Save for their Return and Resettlement (R&R)
  • Save for their old age,
  • Obtain a Life Insurance cover against natural death during the period of coverage.
  • The government contribution available under the MGPSY is for a period of five years or till the return of subscribed worker back to India, whichever is earlier.

The main attractions of MGPSY are:

  • Government contribution of Rs.1,000 per annum in line with Swavalamban platform for all MGPSY subscriber who save between Rs.1,000 and Rs.12,000 per year in NPS-Lite.
  • An additional government contribution of Rs.1,000 per annum by MOIA for the overseas Indian women workers who save between Rs.1,000 to Rs.12,000 per year in NPS-Lite.
  • A special government contribution of Rs.900 by MOIA towards Return and Resettlement (R&R) of the overseas Indian workers who save Rs.4,000 or more per annum.

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