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SSC English Questions : cloze test-1

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in cloze test, which is common for the SSC CGL & Some other SSC exams.We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams!

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In the following passage, there are ten blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. Select the one that fits the bank appropriately.

A seminar is generally a form of..(1)..interaction, either at an academy..(2)..or a commercial or..(3)..organisation.It has the function of..(4).Small groups for..(5)..meetings,focusing each time on some..(6)..subject, in which everyone present is..(7) participate. This is often..(8)..through an ongoing dialogue with a seminar..(9)..or instructor. Normally participants must not be..(10) the field under discussion.

  1. a. academic
    b. social
    c. informal
    d. artificial
    c. informal

  2. a. institution
    b. intermission
    c. intervention
    d. interference
    a. institution

  3. a. provincial
    b. proverbial
    a. professional
    d. progressive
    a. professional

  4. a. bringing out
    b. bringing together
    c. bringing among
    d. bringing off
    b. bringing together

  5. a. recurring
    b. repeating
    c. reverting
    d. reforming
    a. recurring

  6. a. particular
    b. partial
    c. previous
    d. prevented
    a. particular

  7. a. entrusted
    b. encouraged
    c. enlarged
    d. endured
    b. encouraged

  8. a. accomplished
    b. acknowledged
    c. acquainted
    d. acquired
    a. accomplished

  9. a. follower
    b. member
    c. leader
    d. associate
    c. leader

  10. a. professional
    b. teacher
    c. starter
    d. beginner
    d. beginner