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English Questions: Cloze Test Set – 75

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in Cloze test, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

A saint or a satyagrahi is often put on a pedestal freezing her acts of goodness in time. Goodness acquires an act of fixed quality (1) in amber. Rather than becoming a living creature, a saint or an icon becomes a hoarding, a permanent spectacle or a (2) quotation. Saintliness or heroism becomes a bundle of pictures in a calendar, a statue standing inflexibly. Goodness becomes a (3) fixed for timeTwo people, however, challenged this stereotype of heroism by being constantly (4). One was Mahatma Gandhi, for whom every fast, every act of protest involved self-criticism. Gandhi often withdrew from an act of Satyagraha if he felt there was unnecessary violence. He would often critique his own life of Brahmacharya if his protests were not functioning the way he expected. In that sense, whether it was fasting or protest, they were seen as constant bodily and thought experiments subject to constant revision. To cope with Gandhi in these moments of critique and perfectibility was not easy because his was an attempt to make the (5) creatively political.

1) compensated
2) embedded
3) deprived
4) forfeited
5) appropriated

Answer – 2)
Explanation : embedded

1) auxiliary
2) essential
3) concise
4) redundant
5) unimportant

Answer – 4)
Explanation : redundant

1) stencil
2) obscurity
3) bauble
4) plainness
5) cancellation

Answer – 1)
Explanation : stencil

1) uncreative
2) uninventive
3) inventive
4) unoriginal
5) stolen

Answer – 3)
Explanation : inventive

1) ethical
2) dishonest
3) immoral
4) improper
5) unrighteous

Answer – 1)
Explanation : ethical

Ms. Sharmila’s statement also shows the deep difference between protest as an ethical act and (6) or terror as a vested investment in politics. Protest does not seek to (7) itself while terror and insurgency become self-reproductive acts where violence is perpetuated to sustain a vested interest in terror. Many insurgent groups in the Northeast became (8) groups living off taxes rather than engaging in any act of liberation. They also became conduits for drug running along the border. Ms. Sharmila as a woman, a Manipuri and a citizen is showing a (9) for life, for her gender, her culture and for democracy that one rushes to celebrate. It is a celebration of womanhood that Manipur has been famous for. It is the mothers of Manipur who paraded courageously naked before the Assam Rifles headquarters to protest against rape and violence. Ms. Sharmila’s every act is part of that tradition.
One of the beauties of a great book like Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is that it does not end when war ends. Tolstoy realises a novel is much more (10). It ends when the hero gets married, settles down to a life of routine, even boredom.

1) existence
2) distinct
3) acquiescence
4) insurgency
5) obedience

Answer – 4)
Explanation : insurgency

1) perceptual
2) destriction
3) perpetuate
4) fluctuate
5) cease

Answer – 3)
Explanation : perpetuate

1) trustworthy
2) moral
3) upright
4) extortionate
5) decent

Answer – 4)
Explanation : extortionate

1) zest
2) dullness
3) consistence
4) insight
5) blandness

Answer – 1)
Explanation : zest

1) steady
2) steadfast
3) monochrome
4) stabile
5) kaleidoscopic

Answer – 5)
Explanation : kaleidoscopic