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World Bank established Pollution Management and Environmental Health program

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Pollution Management And Environment program[PMEH] was established by World Bank on 18th of April 2015.The program was set in motion on Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day in Washington D.C.The main aim of this program will be air quality management in countries facing urbanisation and requirement for pollution removal and the program also aims in dealing with land and water pollution.

Forty Five million american dollar PMEH programme will first run from 2015 to 2020. The program will target air quality management in five main urban areas in countries like India,China, Nigeria,Egypt and South Africa. PMEH,a new multi-donor Trust Fund, will also support other countries and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Pollution plays important factor in the death of 9million people every year and it can be prevented. Statistics show that 7million people were killed by diseases related to both indoor and outdoor pollution in the year 2012 .Objectives of this health program also includes creating new information about pollution and its effects in urban,rural and marine areas and to develop consciousness among public,policy makers,stake holders etc

Government officials joined hands with some top musicians all over the world and took pledge in improving peoples health by ending pollution at Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day event on the US National Mall in Washington D.C. Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day was organised by Earth Day Network and Global Poverty Project to mark the 45th year of Earth Day foundation.The event aimed to educate people to support development and environment problems and finally as a process of initiation of PMEH programs.


  • Its an annual event celebrated on April 22nd and started in 1970
  • The main aim of this earth day is to support for the environmental protection.
  • Disney released a documentary film called Earth on April 22nd in the year 2009.
  • Gaylord Nelson founded the Earth Day when he was US senator.
  • In Panama, endangered varieties of orchids were planted to prevent their extinction.