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Rajya Sabha Passes bill Regarding Rights of Transgenders

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For the first time in 45 years, a private members bill protecting and providing rights for the transgenders, was passed by Rajya Sabha on 24th April 2015.The bill guarantees reservations in education and jobs, financial help and social inclusion. The Rights of Transgender Persons Bills 2014 makes it easier for a law on the matter in the future.The government gave assurance that it would bring updated Bill in the Lok Sabha.While government accepts the spirit and sentiment of the Bill, the weakness present in it had to be removed.

  • The passing of bill was an unanimous decision and very rare thing.
  • The bill forecasts creation of national commission for transgender communities.
  • The Rights Of Transgender Persons Bill 2014 moved by Trichy Siva[DMK] was passed after leader of the house Mr Arun Jaitley also supported for the cause.

The bill was passed by voice vote in presence of 19 Union ministers and former Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh was also present. Mr Siva said 29 nations and leading democracies in the world like Australia,US,UK,Canada,Singapore,France etc has laws protecting the rights of the transgender community .There are 58 clauses and 10 chapters in the Bill illustrating various feature of transgenders from their childhood to their oldage. The last time private member bill passed was way back in 1970.


  • They are independent of sexual orientation.
  • Transgender refers to the state of a person not belonging to a particular gender.
  • These people are called by different names in different parts of India and they are subjected to humiliation always.
  • One example of a transgender who had come up well in life inspite facing lots of hurdles and pain is Rose Venkatesan born in Chennai,Tamilnadu is now famous radio jockey. She is an engineering graduate from chennai and completed her postgraduate from United States.