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Static GK Quiz for IBPS/RRB Exam – Set 15

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Static GK section in Affairs cloud, which is important for IBPS PO/RRB Exam and other Banking exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!

  1. who is the head as director of IBPS at present_______
    A. Ved Prakash
    B. Deepak Gupta
    C. Amitava Bhattacharyya
    D. Anup Shankar Bhattarcharya
    D. Anup Shankar Bhattarcharya

  2. Khantumm Is the classical dance of________
    A. Nagaland
    B. Mizoram
    C. Uttar Pradesh
    D. Tamil Nadu
    B. Mizoram

  3. mcmohan line lies between which of the following countries________
    A. India(Arunachal Pradesh Region) and China
    B. Pakistan and Afghanistan
    C. India and Pakistan
    D. Canada and USA
    A. India(Arunachal Pradesh Region) and China

  4. What is the capital of Nagaland________
    A. Kohima
    B. Agartala
    C. Dispur
    D. Gangtok
    A. Kohima

  5. “Madrid” is the capital city of which country___________
    A. Greece
    B. Russia
    D. Germany
    C. Spain

  6. Amravati (TPP) Thermal Power Station is located at__________
    A. Kutch Gujarat
    B. Amravati Maharashtra
    C. Nagpur Maharashtra
    D. Korba Chhattisgarh
    B. Amravati Maharashtra

  7. Currency of Sweden_________
    A. dollar
    B. Krona
    C. somoni
    D. baht
    B. Krona

  8. World Peace Day or International day for Peace and Non-violence (UN), celebrated on__________
    A. September 22
    B. September 23
    C. September 20
    D. September 21
    D. September 21

  9. which states have major producing of Rice in india__________
    A. West Bengal
    B. Uttar Pradesh
    C. Andhra Pradesh
    D. Punjab
    A. West bangal

  10. Where is the Head Quarter of United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA)________
    A. Shanghai, China
    B. Washington DC, US
    C. New York, US
    D. Geneva, Switzerland
    C. New York, US
    President OF UNFPA -Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin