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Reasoning Question: Mixed Questions Set 3

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Hello Aspirants

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples from Seating Arrangements with explanation Syllogism, Inequality, Data Sufficiency, Arguments and Coding Decoding which is common for competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Q (1-5) Study the given data and answer the following questions.
Eight persons- P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are born in the year 1996. They were born in different months January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August not necessarily in same order. They are sitting in a Circular arrangement which has eight seats. Four of them are facing the centre and four of them are facing away from the centre.
T is the youngest of all. A person born in the month of March sits between Person born in January and May. A person born in the month of April sits third to the left of the person born in January. Four persons who were born in the months which have 31 days are sitting consecutively. Q was born in the month which has least no of days. U sits second to the left of April. W was born in the month has 30 days. T sits second to the left of the person who born in the month of March. S sits between U and W. P sits second to the left of S. V is born neither in January nor in March. U is younger than V. R faces center. V and S face same direction (i.e., if one face center other also face center and Vice- Versa). U was born in the month which has 30 days.

  1. In which of the following month does V born?
    Answer –4.Maycirc-arr

  2. Who among the following sits second to the left of R?
    Answer –4.T

  3. Who among the following is facing away from the center?
    Answer –5.P

  4. Who among the following is eldest of all?
    Answer –1.P

  5. Who among the following was not born in Month having 31 days?
    Answer –5.U

  6. Which of the following symbol should come in place of blank spaces respectively (in the same order
    from left to right) such that both G≥A and O≤G definitely holds true? A_H, G_H; G_M; O_M

    Answer –4.≤,≥,≥,≤
    A≤H, G≥H; G≥M; O≤M

  7. In the given question below has few statements followed by three conclusions I, II and III. You have to consider every given statement as true. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the conclusions can be logically derived.
    Some monkeys are good
    Some good is not bad
    All bad are women
    I: All are monkeys are bad is a possibility
    II: At least some women are monkeys
    III: No women are good

    1.Only I
    2.Only II
    3.Only III
    4.Only I and either II or III
    Answer –1.Only I

  8. A, B, C, D, and E are five persons sitting a row of five seats and all are facing north. Then what is the position of A in the row?
    Statement I: Two persons sit between A and B. B doesn’t sit at extreme ends of the row. C is an
    immediate neighbor of A. E is an immediate neighbor of B.
    Statement II: One person sits between E and D

    1.Statement I alone is sufficient to answer, while Statement II is not necessary
    2.Statement II alone is sufficient to answer, while Statement I is not necessary
    3.Both the Statements I and II are necessary to answer
    4.Either Statement I or II is sufficient to answer
    5.Both the Statements I and II are insufficient to answer
    Answer –3.Both the Statements I and II are necessary to answer
    Both the statements are necessary

  9. In the given statements below which of the following statements would be necessary to answer to deduce the word ‘Good’ as ‘na’?
    Statement I: ‘Bad Boys Are Rich’ – ‘la pa zi ta’
    Statement II: ‘Angry Boys Are Bad’ – ‘pa zi la sa’
    Statement III: ‘Girls Are Very Good’ – ‘na hi ga pa’
    Statement IV: ‘Bad friends And Girls’ – ‘zi mi jo ga’

    1.Statement I, II and III are necessary to answer
    2.Statement I and Either I or II are necessary to answer
    3.Statement I, III and IV are necessary to answer
    4.None is sufficient
    Answer –4.None is sufficient
    From above statements Good is either na or hi. So none is sufficient

  10. Should India make efforts to implement solar devices in the industrial sector?
    I. Yes, Most of the nonrenewable energy sources are being exhausted
    II. No, installation of solar devices require lot of capital to invest in
    1.Only argument I is strong
    2.Only argument II is strong
    3.Either I or II is strong
    4.Neither I nor II is strong
    5.Both I and II are strong
    Answer –1.Only argument I is strong

    Industries are utilizing nonrenewable energy resources on a large scale. Due to this they are being exhausted. So we have to find alternative such as solar energy. Whereas these solar devices are costly is not acceptable. To use every energy there will be some installation investment.