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National Voters Day & National Tourism Day

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National Voters Day

Government of India (GOI) has decided to celebrate January 25 as ‘National Voters’ Day’ every year. Today the 6th National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated with the theme ‘Inclusive and Qualitative Participation’. It was started from 25th January 2011 to mark Commission’s foundation day.


Key highlights about the day

  • The day is celebrated to encourage youngsters, of the country to participate in the electoral process, by enrolling or registering themselves in electoral rolls and to use their authorization.
  • A book titled, “Belief in the Ballot” is released by Dr Nasim Zaidi the Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of India
  • NVD is also known as the biggest festival of democracy.

National Tourism Day

National Tourism Day is celebrated on January 25 all over the country. Tourism Day is celebrated to encourage more tourism in India. It was established by the government of Indian to raise awareness of the importance of tourism for the country’s economy.

  • Tourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly; it supported 39.5 million jobs, 7.7% of its total employment.
  • India’s rich history and cultural and geographical diversity make the country one of the most popular tourist destinations among foreign travelers.
  • In India there are several tourism spots which catch the mind of the tourists and help the Indian economy and bring the people of different culture together.
  • India offers various forms of tourism, including cultural, heritage, cruise, nature, educational, business, sports, rural, medical, and eco-tourism.