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GK Questions : World Geography(Surnames) – Set 4

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online General Knowledge section in Affairs cloud, which is important for all the competitive exams. We have created Some questions related to World Gk(World Geography) !!!

  1. City of Cycles is nick name of ………………..
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Beijing
    Explanation :
    According to statistics from the city’s traffic department, the capital deserved its nickname of “city of bicycles” in the 1980s when about 60 percent of the population commuted to work by bike.

  2. Which of the country is called as Copper Country ?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Zambia
    Explanation :
    The Republic of Zambiais a landlocked country in Southern Africa Copper Country is surname of Zambia.It was top producer of Copper.

  3. Which city is known as City of festivals ?
    1.New York
    5.None of these
    Answer – 4.Madurai
    Explanation :
    Madurai nickname is City of festivals.A large number of festivals are celebrated in the Madurai city of Tamil Nadu.

  4. …………………………. is Back bone of Italy
    1.Apenninine Mountians
    2.Nilagiri hills
    3.Lhotse Mountians
    4.Shisha Pangma
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Apenninine Mountians
    Explanation :
    Apennine Range, also called the Apennines, Italian Appennino, Apennine RangeEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc.series of mountain ranges bordered by narrow coastlands that form the physical backbone of peninsular Italy.

  5. Holy city is nickname of …………………….
    5.None of these
    Answer – 4.Jerusalam
    Explanation :
    Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. Jerusalem is considered a holy city to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike.

  6. Which country is known as ‘Gift of the Nile’ ?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Egypt
    Explanation :
    The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that “Egypt was the gift of the Nile”. An unending source of sustenance, it provided a crucial role in the development of Egyptian civilization. Silt deposits from the Nile made the surrounding land fertile because the river overflowed its banks annually.

  7. The nickname of the city Colorado is …………………..
    1.Holy city
    2.Garden of gods
    3.Golden city
    4.Garden city
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Garden of gods
    Explanation :
    Colorado nickname is Garden of Gods.Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971

  8. Grnaite city is surname of which of the following city ?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Aberdeen
    Explanation :
    Aberdeen  is Scotland’s third most populous city. Nicknames include the Granite City, the Grey City and the Silver City with the Golden Sands. During the mid-18th to mid-20th centuries, Aberdeen’s buildings incorporated locally quarried grey granite, which can sparkle like silver because of its high mica content

  9. Eighth Continent is nickname of …………………
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Madagascar
    Explanation :
    Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, is the fourth largest island in the world. Its long isolation from neighbouring continents allowed the evolution of distinct communities of plants and animals. It is home to five percent of the world’s plant and animal species, 80 percent of which are endemic to Madagascar. Some biogeographers refer to the island as the “eighth continent”, in recognition of its uniqueness and diversity.

  10. ……………………….. is the surname of  Canada
    1.City of roses
    2.City of  snow of smoke
    4.City of pope
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.City of  snow
    Explanation :
    Canada nickname is city of snow. It is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles), making it the world’s second-largest country by total area and the fourth-largest country by land area.