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GK Questions: World Geography(Superlatives) – Set 12

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online General Knowledge section in Affairs cloud, which is important for all the competitive exams. We have created Some questions related to World Gk(World Geography) !!!

  1. Which is the largest Zoo in the World ?
    1. San Diego Zoo
    2. Moscow Zoo
    3. Etosha Reserve
    4. Columbus Zoo
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 3.Etosha Reserve
    Explanation :
    The Etosha Reserve in South-West Africa is the world largest Zoo

  2. ………………….. is the highest waterfall in the world
    1. Browne Falls
    2. Salto Angel
    3. Tugela Falls
    4. Yosemite Falls
    5. None of these
    Answer – 2.Salto Angel
    Explanation :
    Angel Falls (Salto Ángel) in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. The falls are 3230 feet in height with an uninterrupted drop of 2647 feet. Angel Falls is located on a tributary of the Rio Caroni.

  3. Which is the largest temple in the world ?
    1. Angkor Vat
    2. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple,
    3. Akshardham
    4. Thillai Nataraja Temple,
    5. None of these
    Answer – 1.Angkor Vat
    Explanation :
    Most of the largest Hindu Temples reside in Tamil Nadu. Angkor Wat is a temple complex at Angkor, Cambodia, built for the king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city.

  4. The Biggest planet in the universe is ………………………
    1. Earth
    2. Mecury
    3. Venus
    4. Jupiter
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 4.Jupiter
    Explanation :
    Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Fittingly, it was named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology.

  5. Which of the following is the Biggest library in the world ?
    1. Moscow’s Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences
    2. United States Library of Congress
    3. Beijing’s National Library of China
    4. New York Public Library
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 2.United States Library of Congress
    Explanation :
    Built in 1800 in Washington, D.C., it’s the largest library in the world in both shelf space and number of books. The Library of Congress is the official research library of the United States Congress. It’s also considered to be the national library of the U.S.

  6. The smallest flowering plant in the world is ………………..
    1. Playstele jungermannoides
    2. Watermeal
    3. Rafflesia arnoldii
    4. Black Bat
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 2. Watermeal
    Explanation :
    The world’s smallest flowering plant is the watermeal, or Wolffia globosa. Found all over the planet, this bright green oval plant is about the size of a grain of rice! Wolffia is the smallest genus of the aquatic plants known asduckweeds, which are part of the family Lemnaceae.

  7. Which is the largest living cartilaginous fish in the world ?
    1. Stone Fish
    2. Bristle Mouth
    3. Whale Shark
    4. Plabeuk
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 3.Whale Shark
    Explanation :
    The largest living cartilaginous fish, of the order Orectolobiformes, is the whale shark (Rhincodon typus), of the world’s tropical oceans. It is also the largest living animal that is not a cetacean and, like the largest whales, it is a docile creature that filter-feeds on tiny plankton.

  8. The largest country in terms of Area is ,…………………………………
    1. Japan
    2. China
    3. Russia
    4. USA
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 3.Russia
    Explanation :
    Russia is the largest country in the world and growing, again Encyclopaedia Britannica (EB)
    17,075,400 km and  Vatican city is theSmallest country in the world.

  9. ……………………….. is the highest plateau in the world
    1. Tibetan Plateau
    2. Patagonian Plateau
    3. Deccan Plateau
    4. Mongolian Plateau
    5. None of these
    Answer – 1.Tibetan Plateau
    Explanation :
    The largest and highest plateau in the world is the Tibetan Plateau, sometimes metaphorically described as the “roof of the world”, which is still being formed by the collisions of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates

  10. Which of the following is the oldest religion in the world ?
    1. Christianity
    2. Hindunism
    3. Islam
    4. Buddhism
    5. None of  these
    Answer – 2.Hindunism
    Explanation :
    This principle of order is also paramount in the world’s oldest religion still being practiced today Hinduism (known to adherents asSanatan Dharma, Eternal Order). Although often viewed as a polytheistic faith, Hinduismis actually henotheistic