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Current Affairs Quiz : June 15 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs June 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. The United Nations had announced World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on which date to focus global attention on the Problem and Financial abuse of Elders?
    A.June 13th
    B.June 14th
    C.June 15th
    D.June 16th
    Ans: C.June 15th
    The United Nations has titled June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day that aims to focus global attention on the problem of physical, emotional, and financial abuse of elders.

  2. Renowned Novelist and Critique Mudrarakshas passed away due to prolonged illness in Uttar Pradesh. He belonged to which language novelist?
    Ans: B.Hindi
    Renowned Hindi novelist and critique Mudrarakshas passed away after a prolonged illness in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He was 82.

  3. India won over three ODI Matches against Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe headed by whom to lead the team in the series?
    A.Virat Kohli
    B.Suresh Raina
    D.Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    Ans: D.Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    The One Day International (ODI) tour of India’s to Zimbabwe held at Harare Sports Club is a cricket ground in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skipper MS Dhoni became the first Indian captain to lead the team in three ODI series whitewashes.

  4. The Indian men’s 4×400 m relay team created a new national record at the International Sprint and Relay Teams Cup in which country?
    C.South Korea
    Ans: A.Turkey
    The Indian men’s 4×400 m relay team created a new national record, clocking 3:02.17 that also break the 18-year-old record at the International Sprint and Relay Teams Cup at Erzurum, Turkey. The record bound quartet, comprising of Asian Games Bronze medalist Arokiya Rajiv, Mohd. Anas, A Darun and Mohd Kunhu.

  5. Which animal has become the first known mammal to go extinct due to human caused climate Change?
    A.Red Tailed Monkey
    B.Orange Coloured Lion
    C.Tiny Rodent
    D.Small Cuckoo
    Ans: C.Tiny Rodent
    A tiny rodent from Australia has become the first known mammal to go extinct due tohuman-caused climate change. It is also the first recorded extinction of a mammal anywhere in the world.

  6. NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovered Jupiter-like planet named as ____________ orbiting two stars discovered.
    Ans: A.Kepler-1647b
    The planet Kepler1647b, located in the constellation Cygnus, which is 700 light-years away and about 4.4 billion years old, was discovered by astronomers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre and San Diego State University (SDSU) in in the US.

  7. Who has been appointed as Union Law Secretary by the approval of an appointments committee headed by Prime Minister?
    A.Narayana Raju
    B.Rajiv Mishra
    C.Suresh Prabhu
    D.Suresh Chandra
    Ans: D.Suresh Chandra
    An Additional Secretary rank Officer Suresh Chandra was appointed as Union Law Secretary. He is currently Additional Secretary in the department. G Narayana Raju, Legislative Secretary, was holding additional charge of the post of Secretary, Legal Affairs.

  8. Who has been elected as Permanent Representative of Fiji by United Nations General Assembly?
    A.Andreas Mavroyiannis
    B.Peter Thomson
    C.Andrew willsworth
    D.Tim Cook
    Ans: B.Peter Thomson
    The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) elected Peter Thomson, a permanent Representative of tiny Pacific Island nation Fiji, as President of its upcoming 71st session. He defeated Andreas Mavroyiannis of Cyprus.

  9. Union Cabinet approved the takeover by State Bank of India of how many subsidiaries including Bharatiya Mahila Bank?
    Ans: C.Six
    The biggest Indian lender SBI wants to take over five units that had been running at arms-length, as well as state-run Women focused Bharatiya Mahila Bank which was set up in UPA government.

  10. Which state is working on the Telephone Service will operate on Internet Platform starting with the 797 series?
    D.Andhra Pradesh
    Ans: D.Andhra Pradesh
    Andhra Pradesh is working on the Telephone Service which will operate on Internet Platform, in fact AP is the first State to have obtained a telecom license and it can issue phone numbers starting with the 797 series later this year.

  11. The Union Government gave approval to Rs. 2070 crore highways Project in which state under its hybrid annuity mode for faster movement of traffic?
    Ans: B.Punjab
    The Union Cabinet gave nod to Rs 2,070-crore highways project in Punjab under its hybrid annuity mode to for faster movement of traffic between Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

  12. Which corporation organized the Grid connected wind energy projects to produce 1,000 MegaWatt clean Power in India?
    A.Solar Power Corporation of India
    B.Themal Power Corporation of India
    C.Neyveli Lignite Corporation
    D.Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Ans: D.Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Union Government initiated grid-connected wind energy projects targeted at producing 1,000 MW clean power and the scheme is organised by The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI).

  13. Union Government approved Civil Aviation Policy and named as “Game Changer” by which Minister?
    A.Minister of Home
    B.Prime Minister
    C.Minister of Transport
    D.Civil Aviation Minister
    Ans: D.Civil Aviation Minister
    Union Government chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved Civil Aviation Policy and named as “Game Changer” by Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi. India should stand the third largest position among civil aviation market by 2022.

  14. Ministry of Railways signed a Joint Venture Agreement with which State Government for improving Railway Infrastructure?
    Ans: D.Odisha
    Ministry of Railways signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Government of Odisha for improving Railway Infrastructure in the State.

  15. Pompano Beach-based Stonegate Bank is set to issue the first credit card that can be used in which country?
    B.Vatican City
    Ans: C.Cuba
    The card will be a limited-edition MasterCard. Stonegate will issue only 1,000 cards initially. Each card will feature artwork by celebrated Cuban painter Michel Mirabal.