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Akshay Kumar ranked 52nd, the only Indian on the list, Kylie Jenner tops: Forbes 100  world’s highest-paid celebrities 2020

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Forbes highest-paid celebrities 2020On June 5, 2020 According to the Forbes 100 world’s highest-paid celebrities 2020, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar(52 years old)  ranked 52nd with estimated earnings of USD 48.5 million(M) & is the only Indian featured on the list. The list is topped by 22 years old Kylie Jenner, model who earned USD 590M & also topped in the women category, followed by 42 years old American rapper Kanye West(2nd, USD 170M), 38 years old Tennis player Roger Federer(3rd rank, USD 106 M) & 35 years old Football  Cristiano Ronaldo( 4th rank , USD 105 M).

Forbes list:

RankNameEarnings in million
52Akshay Kumar(52)USD 48.5
1Kylie Jenner(22)USD 590
2Kanye West(42)USD 170
3Roger Federer(38)USD 106 

Key Points

i.The youngest on the list is the 18 year old American Pop musician Billie Eilish( 43rd Rank, USD 53 M) who is also the newcomer in 2020, followed by 21 year old Musician Shawn Mendes(39th Rank, USD 54.5 M).

ii.The oldest on the list is 77 years old Musician Paul McCartney(91th rank, USD 37 M), 77  years old Judge Judy Sheindlin(49th rank, USD 49 M)

iii.In the women category followed by Kylie Jenner, the 62 years old talk show host Ellen DeGeneres(12th rank, USD84 M) & 26 years old Musician Ariana Grande(17th rank, USD 72 M).

iv.Newcomers in 2020 include, 40 year old Lin-Manuel Miranda(62nd rank, USD45.5 M), creator of “Hamilton.

v.Taylor Swift(30 years old), who was at top spot in 2019, dropped to 25th place(USD 63.5 M). Hollywood celebrities like 51 years Will Smith (ranked 69 with earnings of $44.5 million) and 45 years Angeline Jolie (ranked 99th with $35.5 million earnings).

vi.Forbes described Akshay as “Bollywood”s top-earning star” and “one of India’s most philanthropic celebrities”. 

vii.Kylie Jenner’s earnings came from selling a 51% stake ​in her cosmetics firm to Coty in January & Kanye West’s from his Yeezy sneakers deal with Adidas. 

viii.The world’s highest-paid celebrities earned a combined USD 6.1 billion before taxes and fees which is a USD 200 million drop from 2019 after the COVID-19 pandemic closed stadiums and sports arenas.

About Forbes:
Headquarters- New york, United States
Chief Executive Officer(CEO)– Michael Federle