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World Rose Day 2020 – September 22

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World Rose Day - September 22 2020 (1)

World Rose day is annually celebrated on 22nd September to spread hope and cheers to the cancer patients. The World Rose day is dedicated to spread awareness about the disease – cancer and the sufferings and pain experienced by the patients.

Melinda Rose:

i.The World Rose day was first observed in the memory of a 12-year-old Canadian girl Melinda Rose who was diagnosed with “Askin’s Tumor” a rare form of blood cancer.

ii.Melinda Rose wrote several verses, notes and emails to other cancer patients, sharing her optimism towards survival, spreading cheers and hope to others.

Observance of World Rose Day:

i.The cancer treatments have harsh impacts on the body and minds of the patients which mostly affects the self-image and self-esteem of the patients.

ii.On this day, people offer roses, which are the symbol of tenderness, love and care.  to the cancer patients and their caregivers to show their care, love and affection and to encourage them to have hope.

iii.People share encouraging messages and pictures of roses over social media to show their support and care for the cancer patients.