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World Water Monitoring Day 2020 – September 18

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World water monitoring day - September 18 2020

World Water Monitoring Day(WWMD) is annually observed on 18th September, it is an international outreach programme to create awareness among the general public on the importance of protecting water resources across the globe.


To involve the public to monitor the parameters like dissolved oxygen, clarity, acidity and temperature of their local water bodies.


i.The America’s Clean Water Foundation(ACWF) created and coordinated the World Water Monitoring Day as an annual worldwide event in 2003 with the support of International Water Association, The Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

ii.WWMD highlights the importance of water monitoring and the water quality issues that affect the local water bodies.

iii.The events of World Water Monitoring Day are coordinated by the Water Environment Federation and the International Water Association.

World Water Monitoring Day 2020:

i.The EarthEcho International is the current sponsor of the WWMD, who organised various community events working towards the health of the local water bodies.

ii.For the World Water Monitoring Day 2020, EarthEcho International partners with Xylem Watermark to support the citizens and students across the globe to take actions to solve the global water crisis.

Events 2020:

i.EarthEcho International organised virtual conversations on Water Quality Testing Demonstration, Careers in the Water industry and solving water with Phillippe Cousteau, Joe Vesey and other guest speakers.

ii.Over the social media’s the World Water Monitoring day is observed with #LetsSolveWater.

iii.WWMD 2020 focuses on the solutions to the global water crisis with “Solve Water” as a call to action.

About EarthEcho International:

EarthEcho International is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that youth have the power to change our planet.
Co-Founders– Philippe Cousteau Jr., Alexandra Cousteau, Jan Cousteau
Headquarters– Washington, DC, United States

About Xylem Watermark:

President & CEO– Patrick Decker
Headquarters–  New York, United States