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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2020 – June 17

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World-Day-to-Combat-Desertification-and-Drought-2020-June-17June 17th of every year since 1995 is observed as the World day to combat desertification and drought to educate the general public on the international efforts to fight against desertification and to promote the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’s (UNCCDs) motto “Healthy land = Healthy people”.

The theme of World day to combat desertification and drought 2020 is “Food. Feed. Fibre. – the link between consumption and land” aimed to educate the public about desertification, land degradation and drought issues, and how to tackle it.


The United Nations General Assembly declared June 17 as World day to combat desertification and drought in its resolution A/RES/49/115 in January 1995 to promote the actions of UNCCD to create awareness in the countries facing serious desertification and drought.

Food. Feed. Fibre. – the link between consumption and land:

i.The theme of 2020 is based on the suggestion of Mr.Irfan Miswari, winner of “2020 Desertification and Drought Day theme and slogan contest” based on the impacts of the fashion industry on land and water.

ii.With the growing populations the demand for food, feed and fibre has increased which contributes to the climatic change, greenhouse gas emissions.


i.The global observance events of 2020 are hosted by the Korea Forest Service(KFS) which will be online due to COVID-19 pandemic.

ii.The UNCCD organised online events and a contest Become #UNCCDLandHeroes, for candidates to solutions to reduce the footprint of the production and consumption of food, feed and fibre on the land.

iii.The UNCCD has released a youtube short film related to food, feed and fibre. 

Events in India:

The Green Catalyst, youth brigade of ParyavaranMitra, conducted a field demonstration of land degradation Neutrality techniques in Srikalahasti and initiated webinar series with Raah foundation on “SAMVAAD: Talk to Talk” and “Socio-Economic Impact of Desertification” and are conducted on account of World day to combat desertification and drought.

Key Points:

i.The manufacturing of clothes and footwear contributes to around 8% of global greenhouse gas emission which is estimated to reach 50% by 2030 and it is estimated that the fashion industry will use more than 35% more land (115 million hectares) by 2030.

ii.The Productive land of more than 2billion hectares are degraded and by 2030, an additional 300 million hectares of productive land will be required for food production.

iii.More than 70% of the natural ecosystem have been degraded and it is estimated to reach 90% by 2050.

About KFS:
Minister– Park Chong Ho
Headquarters– Daejeon, Republic of Korea

About UNCCD:
Executive Secretary– Ibrahim Thiaw
Headquarters– Bonn, Germany