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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Amutha

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Hi friends! Our reader Amutha shared interview experience that she had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – SBI LHO, Bandra Kurla Complex
Date – 09/09/2016

The total duration was 6 minutes, although there were a lot of questions asked, it was kind of a rapid fire.
*knock knock*
I quietly push the door, to see the chairman (C).

Me: May I come in, sir?

C: Sure, Come in Mr G.
Me: Thank you, sir. *looking left* Good Evening, ma’am(L).

Good Evening, Sirs. *with smile*
C: So, Mr G Ji, first of all a very big congratulation on getting promotion from Assistant Systems Engineer to Systems Engineer in your company “ABC” on behalf of SBI.
Me: Thank you so much, sir!

C: Do you that your company and SBI has various tie ups?
Me: Yes, sir! I think you’re talking about the Core Banking Solutions software.

C: Yes, yes! Good. *pointing towards the lady*

L: G, have you heard this word “Scorpene”?
Me: Yes, ma’am. It is a Submarine, it was in news as some data was leaked regarding that in Australian media (I’m not sure), India and France were partners.

L: Good. Where was it being built?
Me: Ma’am, I’m not sure, but I can give it a hit.

L: Sure! Go ahead.
Me: Ma’am, it was either Mazagon Dock or…..

L: Yes, Mazagon Dock is correct. (The other name I had in mind was Vishakhapatnam).

L: Who is the Defence Minister of India?
Me: Mr Manohar Parrikar, ma’am.

L: And, who is his junior (she meant state) minister?
Me: Ma’am, I don’t quite recall, let me just think…..Umm….ma’am I don’t recall.

M1: So, G, you’ve mentioned your birthplace as Varanasi, then what is Benaras?
Me: Sir, it is the same. It’s just that “Benaras” was used as it’s name during the Mediaeval times. It was again revived to “Varanasi” with the efforts of Shri Sampoornanand Ji.

M1: Tell me something about Varanasi.
Me: Sir, it’s the cultural capital of India, as we all know. Almost all the religions have its connection with Varanasi. Hinduism of course has. The Jain Tirthankar Shri Parshvanath was born there. Lord Buddha gave his first sermon, the Dharmchakra Pravartan at Sarnath, in Varanasi. Also, it is the only place where Ganga flows from South to North and hence it is called “Uttarvaahini”. We all know that Paan and Saree are very famous.

M1: What was the place where Mr Modi performed aarati and Pooja?
Me: Sir, it was Dashaswamedh Ghat. And also, Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

M1: Good, good! Tell me some some schemes by the Education (HRD) Ministry.
Me: Sir, recently, keeping in tone with the Digital India, the former HRD Minister Smt Smriti Irani started the Pariskshak, err, Prashikshak for teachers, also, NCERT has been made available in App format with the launch of Paathshaala.
In the early 2000s, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan was started.

M1: Tell me something about recent schemes of Health Ministry?
Me: Sir, recently Mr JP Nadda launched the MAA scheme for awareness of breastfeeding and also, Indradhanush mission was launched for vaccination of children.

M1: How many vaccines and which ones?
Me: Sir, initially, it was7, however, it has been recently increased to 11. Some of the vaccines are Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, whooping cough…umm that’s all I can recall right now.

M1: Good. Tell me something about National Food Security Mission.
Me: Sir, in this subsidized food grains like rice and wheat will be given to 2/3rd of India’s population.

M1: What are those items?
Me: Sir, wheat, rice, pulses and some other coarse grains.

M1: At what rate?
Me: Sir, I’m not sure about all, but Rice at Rs 3/kg and Wheat at Rs 2/kg.

M1: Yes, yes. Correct!

M2: What are commonwealth countries?
Me: Sir, these are those countries where The Great Britain (England) once ruled. India too is part of it.

M2: How many countries are there?
Me: I’m not sure sir, but somewhere around 90. (Actually there are somewhere near 60)

M2: Okay! Tell me who is the Education Minister?
Me: Mr Prakash Javdekar.

M2: What is Monetary Policy?
Me: Explained something. The chairman agreed as soon as I said “Currency Circulation” and “inflation”. Also, mentioned Mr Urijit Patel.

*M3 didn’t ask me anything, he was just observing I believe *

C: Mr. G, tell me, how many games were played in this year’s Olympics?
Me: Sir, I don’t know. Maybe 27.

C: No, it’s 42.
Me: Thank you, sir.

C: Tell me the games which were added to this year’s Olympics?
Me: Sir, I know about one. It was Golf.

C: Good, the other was Rugby.
Me: *I knew this*. Yes, sir. Thank you.

C: They add and remove some games each time.
Me: Yes, sir. In 2020, 5 more have been added for the Tokyo Olympics.

C: Yes, like in 2012, Women’s Boxing was added.
Me: Yes, sir!

C: Hmm. Mr. G, thank you.
Me: Thank you sirs. Thank you, Ma’am.

My marks in PI: 26/30.

THANK YO Amutha for sharing your Interview Experience with us.