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SBI PO Success Story by Govind

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Hi friends! One of our reader Govind has shared his success story with us. You can learn from his experience and keep hard working and hoping for the best.

“Know your strengths, and make them your pillars of success”

As I write this, I can see the flashes of my hard work, and how struggling it was to concentrate on an exam while doing a job. I didn’t have time to do a coaching, nor did I have so much time to make everything strong.

My profile:
10th: 2008
12th: 2010
B. Tech (Electrical and Electronics): 2014
Work Ex: From July 2014 – October 2016 (in an IT organisation)

Exams that I’ve appeared in-
SBI PO 2014: 69/200. Didn’t qualify.
NICL 2015: Didn’t clear Quants cutoff.
NABARD 2015: Didn’t bother to check the marks.
SBI PO 2015: 101/200; 131/250; 34/50. Total: 56.xx. 2 marks less than the final cutoff.
RBI Grade B 2015: 90/200. Couldn’t clear Quants cutoff.
UIICL 2016: Qualified for Interview, Couldn’t make it to the final list. Marks awaited.
RBI Grade B 2016: Scored 136/200 (70 in GA, 29 in English). Couldn’t clear Phase 2, as I didn’t know a thing about the FM paper.
SBI PO 2016: Cleared! Normalised to 60.78/100

When I appeared for SBI in 2014, I didn’t know a thing about bank exams, not one thing. But, then came 2015, I started my preparation for SBI 2015 in May that year, and I made my mind to nail any two sections of the exam, any two. I chose GA and English (scored a cumulative 72.5/100 in Mains in these two sections), as I’ve been very mediocre in Maths since my childhood, and Reasoning asked in Bank exams was too new for me, given that I had no guidance.
I gave my heart out for SBI, but yet, missed the final cutoff by mere 2 marks. I remember the day, 16th October. It was heart breaking and I stopped studying, I don’t know why, but I did. Maybe I was waiting for something. Yes, I think I was.  Waiting for another SBI notification.

Then came May 2016, SBI notification came, and that 2200 vacancies gave me that hope, which I had l lost after last year’s debacle.

I started my preparation on June 1st, sincerely. Also, I didn’t take up any book, as I knew it would take me three-four months, just to complete a couple of books. I took up a couple of good Mock tests, 20 each for Pre, and all this while I had just these words in my mind “Monkey, babu, tu phodega iss baar”. As, I was in 24×7 ITeS Support, I didn’t have a fixed time to study. I used to solve a mock of Pre in 2 ‘installments’. At home I used to solve the Reasoning and Quants Part, and in Office I somehow managed to do the English part. After my office, I used to analyse it. I got 60/100 in Pre (without any books). In total, I took 35 mocks.

The same I did in Mains. Although it was very difficult to manage as it was of three hours, and hence, I could take on 13-14 of such mocks. I’ve not read a single word of GA at my home, I used to read it while I was on way somewhere, or while I was having my lunch in office, or somehow spare sometime while I was working in office. I read the same thing 4-5 times, from different sources, and I never made notes, for anything.
But, that 31st July was a nightmare. I had never subjected to that kind of a torture in my life, not even my Engineering Drawing classes during my Engineering. But, I gave myself time, I took 5 minutes to regroup myself, and started it with the name of God. I persevered, I believe, somehow.

I believe, the success I’ve got today, is because of my stubborn nature. I kept on taking exams, just to clear this exam. I didn’t take any exam like SSC, which had a different nature of paper than SBI’s.

Never lose hope, never! If somehow, I’d not have been able to succeed this time too, I’d have appeared again next year, for the simple fact that I know I can do it, and I know I have everything in me to crack this exam, and that is all, because I have HOPE.

I’d just suggest all of you to be stubborn and desperate, yes desperate, for the exam that you want to clear. Because desperation will give you the adrenaline rush, that no other speech, no other success story, and no other person in this world can give.

No matter how much hard work or smart work you do, or how many books you cram up, you won’t succeed unless you have faith and belief in yourself. Always, always have that faith in yourself, and you’ll succeed. IF I CAN, THEY YOU TOO CAN!

My marks in SBI PO 2016:
LR: 27.25

DI: 19.75
GA: 30
English: 21.25
Descriptive: 41
Total (out of 250): 139.25
GD: 12
PI: 26
Total (normalised to 100): 60.78

We are happy that we could also become a part of your this journey. All the best Govind from AC team for your future. Keep rocking :)