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RRB Office Assistant Interview experience shared by Rakesh

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Hi friends! One of our readers, i.e. Rakesh Kumar:Raaj (Disqus) has sent his interview experience that he had during RRB OFFICE ASSISTANT Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



Name: Rakesh Kumar
Date: 23/11/15
Time: 8:45 am
Venue: Dena Gujarat Gramin bank, Gujarat

I reached at venue around 8.00 am. There were 8-9 boys outside the bank. They were sitting on a bench. They were from different places. I sat till 8:40 am after that we were called inside the bank and asked to sit few minutes.

After 7 minutes, four candidates went for language proficiency test.  In that we have to write about any topic in 8-10 lines. If u selected English, Hindi and Gujarati then you have to write in all the three language on different topics. I have selected Gujarati language.

After 15min they called another 4 candidates, including me. They gave us a blank paper with carbon copy inside it and told to write 8lines in Gujarati on any topic. I have prepared earlier about it. The topic was NPAs-Concerned for Banks. I wrote it in 5minutes and gave the paper to sir. He sent me for document verification. A lady mam (aged) permitted to sit. I gave all documents in Xerox copies and originals too. It took 15 min. During document verification mam asked you have done M.Pharm., why do you want to join bank beta. I kindly reply there is not much growth in Pharma sector also no job security and I am interested in government sector so she said OK.

After documentation verification, we have to sit until our turn for interview.

My number was 7th . It’s almost 9.30am. About 20 students were there. My turn came around 10.45am. The bell rang. This was my first interview. I was tensed somewhat but breathed deeply and entered by asking permission.

There were 5 members. One lady member [L] and four male members. All were aged above 40.

I wished them Good Morning first mam and then sirs.

M2: Have your seat Rakesh.

Me: Ty sir …

M3: So where are you from?

Me: Answered..

M3: Give two names from your city having popular personality.

Me: Answered.

M4: Chiman bhai patel. Who is he?

Me: Sir, he was former CM of Gujarat.

M1: Family members?

Me: 3. Me, mother and father.

M2: What is your father’s profession ?

Me: Answered. Small dairy

M3: suddenly attacked.. What do you sale in it?

Me: Milk, Curd, Whey and Ghee.

M3: What is salary of a bank assistant?

Me: Answered..

M3: So why don’t you want to go to in family business you can earn more than bank?

Me: I simply told. I am not interested in it. I firmly want a job in government sector.

M3: What is the matter which not permitted to take interested in any field or work?

Me: I thought in mind 7sec and suddenly told adrenaline.

M2: What ….. What …. again asked .

I wrote spellings . .

What is this ??

Me: I told some basic pharma knowledge.

M2: What is endocrine gland??

Me: Answered but not satisfied .

M2: OK what is pancreas?

Me: Answered..

M2: What is insulin?

Me: Explained.

M3: OK Rakesh. What is NABARD??

Me: (who don’t know about nabard ) Answered.

M3: RBI ??

Me: told like cricketer hit 6. J

M2: What are the functions of bank other than accepting deposits?

Me: Answered..

Lady: Rakesh, what is difference between debit card and credit card?

Me: Told two points But seemed to be not satisfied.

L: OK Rakesh. What have you written in language proficiency?

Me:  I told NPAs.

L: what do you know about NPAs ??

Me: Answered..

I indicated in language proficiency two bank about npa .

So they asked one more question ……

L: From where have you read this news.

Me: I told from local newspaper sandesh through newshunt.


M2: Have you read bank currency about NPA ??

Me: Sorry sir. I didn’t read about it.

L: In how many ways we can transact money?

Me: Answered..

M2: Thank you, Rakesh you can go now.

Me: Thank you, sir

Wished good day and replied same and said best of luck.

Me: Thank you.

I was very fearful because it was my first interview… but the panel was not so strict. They asked all questions simply by smiling. So my interview was just average but I am satisfied with this interview. I will improve better for next time.

Thank you, readers. Thank you Affairs Cloud. Best of luck for better future.

Thank you, Rakesh for sharing this Interview experience with us. All the Best :)