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RRB Office Assistant Interview Experience shared by Saurabh

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Hi friends! Our reader Saurabh(disqus: Upvoter Santa) shared interview experience that he had during RRB PO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.

RRB Office Assistant Interview Experience

  • Name: Saurabh Kumar
  • Background: B.A. HISTORY, 2014 passout
  • Venue: Bihar Industries Association, Sinha Library , Patna
  • Date: 03/12/15 (PANEL-1)

Interview lasted for only 7-10 min, Whole time consumed in document verification, biometric. Finally interview started around 01:20pm.


Me: May I come in please?

They nodded yes come in.

Me: Good morning mam (facepalm) :p sorry good afternoon mam, good afternoon sirs.

Board: Good afternoon

Head: Sit down

Head: Your name, DOB?

Me: Answered

Head: Introduce yourself.

Me: Started, told family background mentioned aboutt schooling, (M2 interrupted Not school, tell us something about your graduation. Your subsidiary subjects?) I told about graduation subjects, also mentioned about NCC as I have completed NCC B&C certificate.

They discussed about NCC Certificates.

Head: Tell me about nearby districts of Patna

Me: Told partially and said sorry unable recall other districts name

Head: 5 Eastern districts of Patna.

Me: Answered partially

Head: You are from NCC, you must have knowledge to read a map

Me: Yes sir, but sorry sir I’m unable to recall the names right now

M1: When banks were nationalized?

Me: Sir 1st nationalization in 19July 1969 and 2nd nationalization in 15April 1980

M1: Why Banks were nationalized?

Me: Explained, Head said good.

M1: RBI established in?

Me: 1April,1935

M1: And Nationalization?

Me: 1949

M1: What is NPA?

Me: I got fumbled here.

Head: Yor are right… continue… Don’t get nervous.

M2: Sir he crammed from book that’s why he is answering rapidly so that he don’t get stuck.

M1: When WTO established and why?

Me: Answered , wasn’t sure about the establishment year 1945/1948..

M2: What is the contribution of Rajaram Mohan Roy?

Me: Answered

M2: What is the contribution of Shersah Suri?

Me: Answered

M2: India’s administration is divided into three parts. Name them  

Me: Karya Palika, Nayapalika, Vidhhaika

M2: Passed to Head, Head passed to F1

F1: Your father’s profession?

Me: Teacher

F1: Where’s he doing job?

Me: Mam in Sonpur

F1: Do you know about Sonpur Fair?

Me: Answered

She said OK.

Head: Ok good. Thank you.

Me: Thank you sirs and mam, have a nice day.

Thank You Saurabh for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)