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RRB Office Assistant Interview Experience shared by AB

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Hi friends, this is Amit from Abohar, Punjab. Many of the readers of Affairs Cloud know me by AB(Bunny).  I am an ardent reader of Affairs Cloud and I want to share my interview experience and hope it helps the fellow readers!!..

My interview time was 1:00 pm(Panel I) and reached the venue at around 12:20 pm and then I was called for the document verification. They were keen on document verification and were checking word by word of the spelling of our name, D.O.B., Father Name etc.

RRB Office Assistant Interview Experience

  • Name: Amit Kumar
  • Location: Abohar, Punjab
  • Venue of Examination: Kapurthala
  • Date: 17/11/2015


I was called into the room, as I stepped in the room I found 4 men and 1 lady in my panel. I wished them good afternoon sir and god afternoon mam. After that one penal member recognized me anD said you have given PO interview also?
Me: Yes, sir.

Then other penal member asked me is there anyone who took your Interview?

Only you, Sir.
Then he asked can you tell any question which i asked you in your last interview.
Me: Sir, I can tell every question of that Interview. Then I told them around 13-15 questions within 30 seconds.

M: He said, Good.
Me: Sir, you asked me one tricky question too.

M: Oh yes, I remember you could not answer that question
Me: No sir, I answered
Everyone praised me….

M: Then why you came again? You don’t need to etc. etc. One panel member said anyone want to ask anything to him?
Me: Answered

M: SBI established on
Me: Explained.

M: Which banks merged with SBI?
Me: Explained. In 1921 Bank of Bengal, Mumbai, Chennai merged and its name changed to Presidency Bank and then in 1955 its name changed to SBI.

M: Which company’s software used in SBI?
Me: I said WIPRO

M: Good beta
Me: Then suddenly I recalled it is TCS. So i said TCS

M: Again, Good Beta. Name of Software
Me: I forgot sir

This was the good part of my interview
M: What is Balance Sheet?
Me: I tried to explain in my desi language

M: Please give me definition
Me: I said sorry sir i don’t know

M: Then he noticed that I am from B. Tech background. Btech se hai isse kaise pta hoga
M: Tell me any topic that you know

Me: I said sir you can ask RRB, RBI, Public Bank, Private Bank.

They said no, no ….these topics have already been discussed in your last interview. We want something new.
They started to ask about loan and securities
At one moment I felt like they were not asking the questions. They were bombarding the questions on me without expecting any reply.
First type of security, Second type, Collateral Security, Mortgage, Pledge and many more questions. I told them about mortgage
They were satisfied with my reply. Then they asked me some practical questions. Self help Group
Me: answered
They started laughing….

M: Suppose if anyone want to take a loan then on which basis bank will give loan.
I said kuch girvi rkhega

M: What?
Me: I said Home

M: Suppose he want to take a loan for bike. Then?
Me: I said Home sir

M: A house for Rs.40000 bike?
Me: I said sorry sir

Then they asked p-notes
Me: Explained

M: Praised me he said boy is smart. Then they said you may go now.
Then all penal members said come take some candies….
I took two candies. Then I said My interview was not so good sir. He said That’s why you are picking up two candies. HAHAHAHA
Then they said okay take two candies…
That’s it….

THANK YOU Bunny for sharing you wonderful Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)