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RRB PO Interview experience shared by Kaushal

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Hi friends! One of our readers, i.e. Kaushal has sent his interview experience that he had during RRB OFFICER SCALE-1 Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



Venue of Interview– Myna, Haryana
Time– 1:00 pm
Panel– 1st

So I was last one to be interviewed in my panel..

First of all I reached my centre at 11:30 pm. There was no place to sit. We had to sit in an open park. At about 1:15 pm some officials came and gave us a paper to write something except myself like things in the language preferred by us. After that they started calling names from different panels and at last my turn came. I went inside very tired and sat on the sofa where officials were checking documents of other candidates. Eventually, it was my turn to show my documents. Everything went smoothly. done with bio-metric they told us to wait outside the interview room. The bell rang and I went inside saying good evening to mam first and then to sirs.

4 males and 1 females…All above 50..Now interview started..

M1(may be head of the panel): Mishra Ji you look tensed…

Me- No sir nothing like that..

M1- Okay, tell us something about yourself like you are from ? And what’s your father’s profession? Etc.

Me- Told my name and place but he cut in between and said..

M1- What does your father do?

Me- Answered..

M1- And your family members?

Me- Answered..

M1- What does your brother do?

Me- Answered..

M1- You are from Bihar and living in Haryana. So in which bank you want to be posted?

Me- Explained..

M1- You can grant loan like irrigation loan agriculture loan etc. Do you have any problem with that?

Me- No Sir not at all..

M1- Okay so tell us what we should ask you?

Me- Sir as you wish..

M2- So shall we start with banking?

Me- Yes Sir..

M2- Do you have a bank account?

Me- Sir I don’t have any bank account but have a salary account.

M2- So how do you transact money?

Me- Sir through ATM.

M2- Okay so how many types of cards are there?

Me- Answered..

M2- What’s the difference between them?

Me- Answered..

M2- Have you heard of no frills account?

Me- Answered..

M2- Asked abt a recent scheme but I didn’t knw that to I said sorry sir..

M2- Types of lending?

Me- Answered..

M2- Have you heard of clean lending?

Me- No sir..

M2- OK.. What’s loan syndication?

Me- Answered..

M1- What is lead bank scheme?

Me- Sorry sir, I forgot..

M1- Who was the PM at the time of RRB inception?

Me- Sorry sir..

M1- Form where did you prepare? any coaching ?

Me- No sir. Self-study.

M1- From where did you study Banking?

Me- Sir, I have prepared from Internet.

M1- Good. If we allot you in Haryana then do you have any problem with that?

Me- No problem, sir.

M1- How many times you have attempted RRb exam?

Me- Answered.

M2- Expected marks..

Me- Answered..

Then M1 said read that newspaper…

Read some lines then he stopped and said ok mishra g…All the best…

Me- Thanks sir… Thanked to everyone and left…

So that was all… Fingers crossed… and all the best to everyone going for interviews..

Thanks Kaushal for sharing this interview experience with us. All the Best.. :)