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We proud to provide a New Edition of subscription PDF which consists of High Level New Pattern Puzzle and Seating arrangement questions for all PO and Clerk Main examinations. We also provide the Memory Based Questions of Puzzle and Seating Arrangement which were asked in recent time exams. All those questions are given in step by step detailed explanation.

This material makes you to understand the level of questions which may appear in exam and helps to prepare  for your upcoming exams in an efficient way. We always try to fulfill the requirement of students by providing new updated questions on a regular basis.We will send you Updated Version of PDF each and every time with next set of Memory Based questions once the important PO and Clerk mains exam will conclude.

Banking Aspirants knew very well about the Important of Puzzles & Seating Questions, if you have sound knowledge in this part you can easily score more marks in Reasoning sections. Nowadays, many New Pattern Questions were introduced in every exams and Level of the Puzzles; Seating questions in Main Exams were increasing. We can assure you that this “CRACK HIGH LEVEL Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Questions PDF” will help to increase your confidence to solve HIGH LEVEL questions in better way.

We would like to inform you that this package plan has been provided by AffairsCloud on collaboration with IBPSGuide.

Puzzles & Seating Arrangement

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  • 400+ Questions
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  • Memory Based Questions Added
  • Detailed Solutions with short-cut methods
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Edition 4: Memory based Questions Updated for SBI Clerk Mains and LIC ADO Mains held on 10th August and 11th August 2019.

“In SBI PO 2019 Main Reasoning Section, 15-20 questions are similar to our CRACK HIGH LEVEL – Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Questions PDF 2019”

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Reasoning topic – Puzzle and Seating Arrangement

It contain two PDF, one will be Puzzles and another one will be Seating Arrangement based on new pattern questions asked in recent exams and memory based questions of recent exams, which helps you to know the exact level of exams.

Total Puzzle Questions: 198
Total Seating Arrangement Questions: 204

Note: PDF in English Only

All questions have detailed solutions in an easy way of explanation. In addition to this, these questions will help you to get in-depth analysis of the exam and question-level analytics.

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Questions are prepared by experts based on exact exam pattern and level. Sure,we will give you a guarantee that it will help you to get positive results in upcoming exams.

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