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Marketing Awareness Quiz – Set 14

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Marketing Awareness Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important events in Marketing Awareness , which are common for all the bank exams like IBPS, LIC, SBI, and other competitive exams. We have included Some Marketing Awareness questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams.

  1. Who developed the Marketing 4Ps model or Marketing Mix ?
    1.Karl Max
    2.Amartya Sen
    3.Adam Smith
    4.Jerome McCarthy
    5.None of these
    Answer – 4 E. Jerome McCarthy
    Explanation :
    A marketing expert named E. Jerome McCarthy created the Marketing 4Ps in the 1960s. This classification has been used throughout the world. Business schools teach this concept in basic marketing classes. The marketing 4Ps are also the foundation of the idea of marketing mix.

  2. SWOT Analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. In SWOT, T denotes
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Threats
    Explanation :
    SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment.

  3. Which of the following is the non-physical part of the product ?
    4.All of these
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Warranty
    Explanation :
    The Augmented product is the non-physical part of the product. It usually consists of lots of added value, for which you may or may not pay a premium. So when you buy a car, part of the augmented product would be the warranty, the customer service support offered by the car’s manufacturer and any after-sales service.

  4.  ______________________ is focuses on customer needs
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Marketing
    Explanation :
    The purpose of marketing is to fulfill the needs of the customers while selling focuses on seller needs.

  5. MkIS stands for
    1.Marketing Investment System
    2.Marketing Information System
    3.Management Information System
    4.Manging Investment Segment
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Marketing Information System
    Explanation :
    A marketing information system (MkIS) is a management information system (MIS) designed to support marketing decision making. Jobber (2007) defines it as a “system in which marketing data is formally gathered, stored, analysed and distributed to managers in accordance with their informational needs on a regular basis.”

  6. Which type of marketing is an Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources ?
    1.Viral Marketing
    2.Mixed Marketing
    3.Guerilla Marketing
    4.Drip Marketing
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Guerilla Marketing
    Explanation :
    Guerilla Marketing is an Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources (Maximum results from Minimum resources)

  7. Marketing Myopia is a term used in marketing, which is coined by whom ?
    1.Milton Friedman
    2.Deborah Mac Innis
    3.Theodore Levitt
    4.Richard Viguerie
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Theodore Levitt
    Explanation :
    ‘Marketing myopia’ is a term coined by Theodore Levitt. A business suffers from marketing myopia when a company views marketing strictly fromthe standpoint of selling a specific product rather than from the standpoint of fulfilling customer needs.

  8. Which is the first element of marketing mix ?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 4.Product
    Explanation :
    The first element of marketing mix is product. A Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need.

  9. Database marketing is a form of _____________ marketing
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Direct
    Explanation :
    Database marketing is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes. The method of communication can be any addressable medium, as in direct marketing.

  10. _____________ is defined as positive feelings towards a brand 
    1.Brand Trends
    2.Brand Loyalty
    3.Brand Equity
    4.Brand Name
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Brand Loyalty
    Explanation :
    Brand loyalty is a pattern of consumer behavior where consumers become committed to brands and make repeat purchases from the same brands over time.