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LIC AAO Interview Experience shared by Yashodharman

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Hi friends! Our reader Yash shared interview experience that he had during LIC AAO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – LIC divisional office, Jaipur
Date – 05/05/16
Reporting Time -12:30 PM

Hello friends i am Yashodharman (Disqus-Jon snow),today i am sharing my lic aao interview experience.
Most interview went in Hindi

Like it was written in mail, I reached before 11:30. We waited until the morning match got over. My turn came at 5 : 30 PM. It was a small room, there were 3 men on the panel and one doesn’t know Hindi (after interview i met him personally he was from Chennai)

So here i go. I opened the door and asked for permission to come.

M1 – Good evening
Me – Good evening sir.

M2 – Keep your file on the table
Me – Thankyou sir

M1- So Mr yasss.. your friends call you by which name?
Me – Sir Yash..

M2 – Ok, Yash tell who was Adam Smith?
Me – Told

M2- Name the book he wrote
Me – I could not remember that time, so I said sorry

M2- There is one law, something diminishing, tell that
Me – Sir law of diminishing marginal utility

M2- yes
Me – told basics

M2 – What is its work in economics?
Me – told about its phenomenon and about analyzing consumers behavior..

M2- asked another question related to economics
Me- sorry sir i don’t know..

M2- who won nobel prize for economics
Me- Told

M2- Where is he from?
Me –told

M2- why did he received the prize?
Me – told about his analysis on poverty

After this lights gone, na dthen I forgot that where was I.
M2- Tell about this theory
Me – sorry sir i dont know

M1- Is this theory relevant to India?
Me – yes sir

M2- U haven’t studied about this? You are from economics, u must have studied. These days youth do not study in deep.

M1 – exasperated
Me- what does he wants

M1 – You are the youngest candidate from the last 4 days

Me – thanks sir

M1 – it’s just an observation no advantage ok??
Me – Ok sir..

M3 – So what is your father’s occupation?
Me – told

M3 – what is it?
M1 told the meaning

M3 – tell me about Kashmir problem
Me – told whole history of Kashmir

M3 – and what is current situation
Me- told about hurriyat problem ( this man was really nice..)

M2- so you told the king name???
Me – Hari singh

M2- Any descendent f him?
Me – little bit confused told yes

M2- What is his name?
Me – don’t know sir

M1- karna singh, What is he doing these days?
Me- don’t know sir

M1- U haven’e read in deep
Me- sorry sir

M1- what is your strength and weaknesses
Me – told

M1- If we send u to Bengal, will u go ?
Me – definitely sir

M1- All speak like this only.
Me – Sir I will even go Arunachal Pradesh, all started laughing

M2 – your city is famous for opium right??
Me – yes sir and told about opium factory

M3- who was APJ Abdul Kalam?
Me – told

M3 – At pokharn he did a fantastic job what was it
Me – sorry sir

M3- (He told something about that NASA scientists also could not do it, I dint get that)
Me- ohh thanks sir

M1- ok you can go now
Me – thanks sir

No current affairs question, no questions related to capital marker, money market, lic, govt.  schemes, my hobby.
Some other normal questions were also there, I don’t remember them


THANK YOU Yash for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)