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LIC AAO Interview Experience shared by Arun

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Hi friends! Our reader Arun (Discus – Madmax) shared interview experience that he had during LIC AAO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Chennai
Date – 06/05/16
Reporting Time – 9:30 AM

There were 3 members m1,m2,m3 ( from right to left)

I entered the room and wished them good noon sirs.m1,m2 asked me to sit.

M1 : Mr. Arun kumar why you are obese?

M1 : what steps you have taken to reduce your weight?

M1: is there any health issues apart from being obese?

M1: tell me one famous personality who reduced his weight recently?
Sir anand Ambani,.

M1: Good did you know anyother?
I told I don’t know sir, he is singer, adhan shami
Replied OK sir.

M2 : tell me about yourself?
Answered. Hobbies playing cricket and solving Rubik cube

M3 : rubiks cube, good

M1 : so you play cricket. Are you a bowler or batsmen?
Replied sir I used to open the innings and some times I bowl spin.

M1: fielding what position?
Sir close or slips.

M1 : so you are not wicket keeper.
sir I like to bowl ‎that’s why

M1: why close or slips?
Sir I am good short runner that’s why

M1 trolled me. All started laughing ( me too)

M1 : you are petroleum engineering student (2013) . What have been doing for 3 years.
Sir first one year I tried to get job but I didn’t because they are asking experienced person and then I started preparing for gate examination. Unfortunately I didn’t get through,. Next year due to family situation I was in bpo. Though the job good I left because it was night shift and my started increasing. In 2015 from April I started preparing for bank exams and I cleared clerk, lic and NABARD sir.

M2 : in which bank you are selected?
Sir Pnb

M1: what about NABARD?
Sir I am waiting for result

M3 : so you have to attend another interview?
Sir actually the delay is due to interview. There will be no interview for NABARD.

M1: OK is it assistant post?
Yes sir. I scored little over the cutoff so there will be less possibility for me because I know many people scored well above my mark

M1: OK good. Do you know what is beamer?
Yes sir, speed bowlers used to bowl

M1: do you know slider?
Me: Sir Shane Warne use to bowl slider ( told don’t know how to bowl that one)

M1 : do you know no ball?
Yes sir there will be free hit,

M1: how will you take wicket on free hit?
Told stumping and run out.

M1: good, which ball are easy to play

M1: what is yorker?

M2: is India dependent on crude?
Yes sir crude alone constitutes 33%‎ of indian imports and now India is benefiting from crude imports

M2: OK what about petro processing companies? Doing good?
No sir. Due the slowdown, Indian exports suffer. Petro products exports decreased 8.52 last quarter

M2: looks satisfied

M2 : how your field will help you in insurance?
Me: Sir as I am chemical background there will be lot of calculations and we usually take whole unit for project and we analyse what are risk, how we can increase efficiency, reduce risk,. This will help me in analysing the insurable risk and other process

M2: OK what is life insurance?
Me: told

M1: asked about my father and his job
Explained well

M1 : passed questions to m3

M3: after seeing my consolidated mark sheet. OK you are petroleum graduate. What is petroleum exploration ‎and exploitation? What are the methods?
Explained but not so well( seems satisfied)

M3 : what is water treatment?
Sir in companies it is used to treat water before being release as it has industrial effluent like mercury which leads to environmental problem

M3 : good what are petro companies in india?
Explained looks satisfied

‎M3: petro exploration companies in india?
Sir ongc and reliance

M3: why are not trying for reliance and ongc?
Sir reliance recruit only experienced person and ongc has separate exams so ( looks satisfied)

M3 : ‎you studied fundamental of computing? Tell me what have you studied ?
Showed me desktop and asked me to explain

Explained well

M3 : OK what you studied in tqm?
Sorry sir ( replied OK)

M1: do you have any problem apart from obese?
No sir

Smiled ok Arun Kumar you can go now.

THANK YOU Arun for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)