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Liberal Indian CEO Satya Nadella gets Champion of Change award from Obama

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US president Barack Obama plans to honour Microsoft’s Indian-origin CEO Satya Nadella with the “Champions of Change award” for bringing about change within his company to support working families. The award has been bestowed upon Mr. Nadella for brining major transformations in the company’s policy towards

a. Paid-sick and Paid-Leave policies
b. Equal-pay for both the genders
c. End Pregnancy-discrimination-policies of the company

Microsoft has made several changes in its policies towards remote-positioned suppliers who work for the company. They will now be eligible for 15-days of paid leave every year.

About Satya Nadella

  • The current Microsoft CEO. He took office on the 4th of February 2014. He succeeded Steve Ballmer
  • Earlier, he worked as the president at the Cloud-&-Enterprise group of Microsoft. He was in charge of developing cloud-computing tools and technologies along with other developer-tools
  • He was born in Hyderabad in India on 19th of August 1967
  • He completed his maters in Computer Science from University-of-Wisconsin–Milwaukee, U.S.A.
  • Until 1992, he was associated with Sun Micro systems as a technical team member. He has a strong technocratic ability, a talent which combines technical ability with the capacity to administrative and corporate techniques.

About the award

The champions of Change award is given annually by the white house for bringing major transformations within the company, which would bring gender equality and other humanitarian changes.