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Make in India wins the 2015- Economic Development Innovation Award

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Make in India initiative has won the 2015- Economic Development Innovation Award for Policy and Program Implementation Excellence. The award was presented by Frost and Sullivan, US based Growth Partnership Company.

The award is given to Make in India program in recognition of the outstanding contribution of its vision and implementation excellence to simplify the regulatory framework, reinforce connectivity and incentivize investments.

Frost and Sullivan arrived at the GIL-100 Index after a detailed 10 step process. The Make in India program has scored the highest in this data driven GIL Index on vision and implementation, among 100 Countries.

The two principles of evaluation are:

  • Enabling Vision: Vision for Development Strategy and Vision Congruence, Role of Agency in Policy Design, Industry Focus and Funding and Innovative Programs
  • Implementation Excellence: Effective Channelization of Resources, Effective Program Coordination and Execution, Program Reach and Accessibility, Infrastructure Development and Implementation Success

The award acknowledges that Make in India has promoted India’s booming domestic manufacturing sector.

The Make in India initiative has facilitated the government’s persistent efforts to attract investments from around the world.

The award is a mark of recognition for the initiative’s outstanding contributions to help develop the country’s economic and industrial transformation, and for steering the country towards an environment conducive to domestic and global manufacturing and investment.