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Make in India Conference held in Houston

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A first-ever Houston India Conference, hosted by Asia Society Texas Center in Houston. This conference is conducted on 25th March, 2017 for two days with the theme “Make in India – The Inside Story” to bring best practices of doing business in India.

The speakers who took part in this conference are

  1. Manjari Chatterjee Miller, an assistant professor of internal relations at Boston University,
  2. Nisha Biswal, former assistant secretary of state for south and central asian affairs,
  3. Nagaraj Naidu, joint secretary at economic diplomacy ministry of external affairs,
  4. Kalikesh Singh Deo MP,
  5. SC Garg, World Bank South Asia executive director and
  6. Dhruva Jaishankar, Fellow for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution India Center, New delhi.

The conference is chaired by Jiten Agarwal and India’s Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna is also present.

  • Main motto of the conference is to show India as a super power in its Business that ends up in profit and make companies around the world to invest in its business. It shared all ups in Indian market and the place where it will be after years.
  • It described the people’s part in the business growth and said that they will play the main role in increasing the profit which in turn increases the investments in India. Various countries are invited in this conference and the main motto is explained to them clearly.
  • But to make this conference a successful step ahead, the relationship between India and USA plays a major role.


Texas is a state in US which has a GDP at USD 1.7 trillion and it’s the home to 54 (or 11 percent) of Fortune 500 companies in the world

  • Having the capital Austin, Houston is its largest city and governed by Greg Abboot.
  • If Texas is a separate nation it would be the 10th largest economy in the world.
  • The main reason why the conference is conducted in Texas (Houston) is that it has a vibrant Indian-American population that has contributed immensely to the understanding between our two countries across business, academics and science.


It is the initiative by Government of India on 25,September 2014 with an aim to make its title (Make in India) a realityMake in India

  • It mainly looks into the investment made by the Indian and foreign to invest and manufacture products in India.
  • It was launched under our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and looked after by Ministry of Finance.
  • India has also provided 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) in all the below sectors except for space (74%), defence (49%) and news media (26%)

Sectors under Make in India

1.Automobiles                                           14.Automobile Components
2.Aviation                                                  15.Biotechnology
3.Chemicals                                               16.Construction
4.Defence manufacturing                            17.Electrical Machinery
5.Electronic systems                                   18.Food Processing
6.IT and Business Process Management       19.Leather
7.Media and Entertainment                         20.Mining
8.Oil and Gas                                             21.Pharmaceuticals
9.Ports and Shipping                                   22.Railways
10.Renewable Energy                                  23.Roads and Highways
11.Space and astronomy                             24.Textiles and Garments
12.Thermal Power                                       25.Tourism and Hospitality