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Infosys becomes 1st Indian Company to sign Climate Pledge with Amazon and Global Optimism to Become Net-Zero Carbon

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Infosys joins Amazon, signs Climate PledgeOn 16th June 2020,Infosys becomes the second major signatory and first Indian company to sign The Climate Pledge, of Amazon and Global Optimism,an initiative by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Christiana Figueres, founder of Global Optimism and former United Nations Climate chief to become net-zero carbon by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Climate Pledge:

Under the Climate Pledge the companies agreed to,

  • The company, which has initially set 2018 for its transition to 100 per cent renewable energy, has now set 2035 to complete the transition to RE.
  • Measure and report the emission of greenhouse gases on a regular basis.
  • Implement decarbonization strategies through changes in business and innovations through renewable energy, materials reductions etc.
  • Neutralize the remaining emissions with additional, real, permanent and socially beneficial offsets to achieve zero carbon emission by 2040.

Key Points:

i.Infosys committed to become carbon neutral in 2011 way before the Paris Agreement.

ii.Infosys became the first Indian Company to sign the RE100 in May 2015 and committed to use renewable energy for its electricity requirements.

iii.The company had reduced the per-capita electricity consumption by 55% since 2008.

iv.They have invested in community based emission reduction projects to achieve net zero carbon goal.

v.US telecommunication conglomerate Verizon and British consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser also signed the agreement along with Infosys.

About Infosys:
CEO & MD– Salil Parekh
Headquarters-Bengaluru, Karnataka
About Amazon:
Founder & CEO– Jeff Bezos
Headquarters-Washington D.C., United States