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Haryana to become the first state in India to have Aquifer mapping

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With the climate changes in the recent years, the groundwater sources have gone down to a critical level. To find out the exact location of the Aquifer rocks a new mapping technique is to be introduced in Haryana by May making it as the first state to have such mapping.

Aquifer rocksHaryana to become the first state in India to have Aquifer mapping

          Aquifer rock is an underground layer of water bearing rock which has groundwater stored in it.

Mapping technique

  • The Aquifer mapping will help in estimating the quantity and quality of groundwater present inside the rock
  • Mapping determines the exact location, its size, amount of water that can be stored and its recharge point
  • Mapping is carried out by Central Ground Water Board on the scale of 1:50000

Technology Employed

          Uses Heli-borne Geophysical Surveys for Mapping and sophisticated Software for management plans


          The main objective of groundwater mapping is to ensure sustainability and to replenish the Declining Groundwater.

Points to note

  • Other 7 states to have mapping done by 2017 includes Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Telengana
  • The mission is to be completed in entire nation before 2022
  • Water resources minister- Uma Bharati
  • Water resources ministry secretary– Shashi Shekar