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English Questions for IBPS/RRB Exam Set- 8

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section Quiz in Here we are creating question sample in sentence correction Section, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB exam and other competitive exams.

  1. Though the recovery of the globelised part of the corporate sector during 2015-16 is likely to depend on the strength of the US economic recovery, other parts of the sector are more intimately related to domestic policy.All correct
    A. globalised
    B. sector
    C. strength
    D. intimately
    E. All correct
    (a)the correct spelling is “globalised“

  2. The petroleum market is subject to the economic fundamentals of demand and supply and the non-fundamentals of geopolitics, speculation and currency flactuations.All correct
    A. market
    B. fundamentals
    C.  geopolitics
    D.  fluctuations
    E. All correct
    (d)the correct spelling is “fluctuations“

  3. Hardly a week had passed since the dialogue when the anti-reservation protests in Gujarat turned violent, prompeting the State government to shut off mobile data services for a week.All correct
    A. dialogue
    B. protests
    C. prompting
    D. services
    E. All correct
    (c)the correct spelling is “prompting“

  4. It was clear from the begining that the State Government had neither the technical expertise nor the financial resources to launch a credible recovery programme. All correct
    A. beginning
    B. neither
    C.  financial
    D. programme
    E. All correct
    (a)the correct spelling is “beginning“

  5. Many experts are of the view that economies can experience a boost in the aftermath of a disaster.All correct
    A. experts
    B. view
    C. experience
    D. aftermath
    E. All correct
    E. All correct

  6. I believe the Government has learnt its lessons and is beginning to consult a wider spectirum of economists and investors.All correct
    A. Government
    B. lessons
    C. consult
    D. spectrum
    E. All correct
    (d)the correct spelling is “spectrum“

  7. All three ideas come from what could be broadly called the progressive education movement in the West that entered India under the name of “child-centerd education”.All correct
    A.  ideas
    B.  broadly
    C. education
    D. child-centerd
    E. All correct
    (d)the correct spelling is “child-centred“

  8. Organising curriculum in the form of learning continuum will immediately contradict the grade-wise structure of the school. All correct
    A. curriculum
    B. continuum
    C. contradict
    D. structure
    E. All correct
    E. All correct

  9. The first breakthrough came when the group established asset recovery as a “fundamantal principle” of the convention.All correct
    A. breakthrough
    B.  established
    C. fundamental
    D. convention
    E. All correct
    (c)the correct spelling is “fundamental“

  10. This anceint temple is well known as the site where the famous seer Adi Shakaracharya attained enlightenment.All correct
    A. anceint
    B. known
    C. famous
    D. attained
    E. All correct
    (a)the correct spelling is “ancient“