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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 47

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in FILL IN THE BLANK, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

  1. There are few more ________ ways to view history than through the lens of a camera. Whether the brutality of war, the innocence of victory, or the______ of racial conflict, chances are a photographer was there to capture it.
    1) irrational,miracle
    2) practical,delight
    3) physical, dread
    4) emotional,horror
    5) rational,wonder
    Answer – 4)
    Explanation : emotional,horror

  2. There are two ways in which the context¬________ in a newspaper story. In stand-alone stories, the context is woven into the text and in evolving stories, a series of follow-up articles provide the framework, background, and _________ to the story.
    1) fades, relation
    3) disappears, scene
    4) appears,conclusive
    5) looks,consummate
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : emerges,perspective

  3. Our Supreme Court has recognised __________ of powers as part of the basic structure of the Constitution, and can therefore strike down even amendments to the Constitution that________ upon this principle.
    1) intimacy, discharge
    2) togetherness,contravene
    3) frigidity,observe
    4) familiarity,obtrude
    Answer – 5)
    Explanation : separation,infringe

  4. In the last decade, much was written about the_______ use of images, the dangers of digitally manipulating pictures, and mindless cropping that ________ the context of the image.
    1) moralistic,remains
    2) ethical, alters
    3) immoral, changes
    4) improper, holds
    5) unethical, impels
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : ethical, alters

  5. The Constitution also recognises that there may be other cases where ________ may be required and allows Parliament and State legislatures to make________ by passing a law.
    1) exceptions, exemptions
    2) allowances,reliefs
    3) omissions,responsibilities
    4) inclusions,extrications
    5) exclusions, accountabilities
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation : exceptions, exemptions

  6. We celebrate great sportspersons because they offer us _______ of immortality in an area of activity where the _______ life of a professional is rather short.
    1) truths, ledge
    2) facts, ridge
    3)illusions, shelf
    4) deceptions,depressive
    5) delusion , dole
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : illusions, shelf

  7. Most of the incremental revenue in the business has come from an________ expansion of the schedule. There are hardly any Test stars playing the Ranji Trophy unless he is dropped and wants to get back in the Indian team by ________ his performance.
    1) logical, covering
    2) rational,concealing
    3) irrational,showcasing
    4) sensible, boasting
    5) reasonable,brandishing
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : irrational,showcasing

  8. From the poverty-stricken villages of sub-Saharan Africa to the _____ tree-lined avenues of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, from the over-crowded, narrow, cobbled lanes of Kolkata to the ________sweat-stainedinner-city gyms in Chicago, Manhattan and London, Muhammad Ali is a name that is instantly recognised.
    1) glitzy, steamy
    2) quiet, parched
    3) subtle, gaseous
    4) inconspicuous, humorous
    5) gaudy,dry
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation : glitzy, steamy

  9. As Pakistan discovered Faiz in his death, and mourners turned from a ______ to a flood, politicians too thought it ________ time to seen walking in Faiz’s mile-long funeral procession.
    1) breeze,unsuitable
    2) percolate, inopportune
    3) deluge, suitable
    4) dribble,auspicious
    5) trickle, opportune
    Answer – 5)
    Explanation : trickle, opportune

  10. As I stood at the Roli Books’ counter at the World Book Fair in New Delhi, I _______ through the pages of the book, found only a few bits of poetry here and there which_______ me to go to the cover again.
    1) amassed, penetrated
    2) flipped, forced
    3) accumulated, perforated
    4) dispersed,exempted
    5) stacked,relieved
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : flipped, forced