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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 7

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

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Hack around – Waste time.
Hack into – Break into a computer system.
Hack off – Annoy.
Hack up – Chop or cut into small pieces.
Ham up – Perform or act in an excessive way to
Hammer away at – Work relentlessly.
Hammer into – Repeat something over a period of time to make someone remember it.
Hammer out – Negotiate and reach an agreement.
Hand back – Return.
Hand down – Pass on to the next generation.
Hand down – Give a formal decision.
Hand in – Submit work for appraisal.
Hand on – Give to someone else.
Hand out – Distribute.
Hand over – Give.
Hang about – Spend time somewhere not doing much.
Hang around – Stay in a place.
Hang back – Not move forwards to avoid doing something.
Hang back from – Delay or avoid doing something.
Hang on – Hold tightly.
Hang onto – Keep.
Hang out – Spend time socially.
Hang out for – Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want.
Hang over – Worry or trouble.
Hang together – Work together when things are difficult.
Hang up – End a phone call.
Hang up on – End a phone call with someone.
Hang with – Spend time with.
Hanker after – Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn’t want it or can’t have it.
Hanker for – Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn’t want it or can’t have it.
Harp on – Talk repeatedly about something.
Hate on – Be jealous, abuse or have an active hatred of someone.
Have against – Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge (Usually negative).
Have around – Entertain someone in your home.
Have down as – Think of someone or something in a particular way.
Have in – Have a supply of something in a particular place.
Have in – Get someone to do some work. We HAD the decorators IN last week.
Have on – Be wearing.
Have on – Have an electronic device switched on.
Have on – Know something about someone that could harm them.
Have over – Receive a guest.
Have round – Entertain someone in your home.
Have up – Make someone appear in court.
Head off – Prevent something bad happening.
Head off – Leave somewhere to go to another place.
Head out – Go out.
Head up – Be in charge.
Hear about – Get to know some information.
Hear from – Receive a phone call, email, letter or other communication from someone.
Hear out Listen to everything someone has to say.
Help out – Give assistance.
Hide away – Put something in a place where it won’t be found.
Hide away – Go or stay somewhere where you won’t be found or away from people.
Hide out – Go or stay somewhere to avoid being caught or found.
Hinge on – Depend very much or completely.
Hinge on – Be an essential point for the development of a story.
Hinge upon – Depend very much or completely.
Hit back – Attack or criticise.
Hit for – Get someone to pay or donate money.
Hit it off – Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person.
Hit on – Ask for money.
Hit out at – Respond angrily to criticism.
Hit up – Inject drugs.
Hive off – Separate part of a company or service, often by selling it.
Hold against – Have a grudge against someone, or little respect.
Hold back – Not show emotion.
Hold back – Prevent something moving forwards or progressing.
Hold back from – Not allow yourself to do something.
Hold down – Keep a job.
Hold down – Stop someone or something from moving.
Hold forth – State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly.
Hold off – When bad weather doesn’t appear.
Hold off – Stop someone from attacking or beating you.
Hold on – To hold tightly.
Hold onto – Keep as long as possible.
Hold out – Hold in front of you.
Hold out against – Try to reject.
Hold out for – Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future.
Hold out on – Not pay someone or give them information.
Hold over – To continue something for longer than planned.
Hold together – Not break up.
Hold up – Delay when travelling.
Hold up – Rob with violence or threats thereof.
Hone in on – Target, focus.
Hook up – Meet someone.
Hook up to – Connect to a machine.
Hoon around – Act in a dangerous or reckless way, especially when driving fast.
Horse around – Not be serious.
Hose down – Use a hose to wet, clean or wash something.
Hose down – Invest heavily in or throw a lot of money at something.
Hound out – Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc.
Hover around – Move about a place.
Hunker down – Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there.
Hunt down – Search for someone to punish or kill them.
Hunt up – Search for and manage to find something.
Hush up – Try to keep something bad from becoming widely known.