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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 5

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

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Gad about – Visit a lot of different places for pleasure.
Gad around – Visit different places for pleasure.
Gag for – Want something a lot.
Gang up – Form a group against something or someone.
Gang up against – Harass, bully (in a group).
Gang up on – Harass, bully.
Gear to – Organise or arrange something for a particular purpose, audience, etc. (Often passive).
Gear up – Get ready for a busy period.
Geek out – Talk at length about computing.
Get about – Visit many places.
Get above – Behave as if you are better or more important than others.
Get across – Communicate successfully.
Get across – Go from one side to the other.
Get after – Nag or exhort someone.
Get after – Chase.
Get ahead of – Move in front of.
Get along – Have a good relationship.
Get along – Have a good relationship with someone.
Get around – Become known.
Get at – Criticise.
Get away – Escape.
Get away from – Go somewhere different or do something different.
Get away with – Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong.
Get back – Return.
Get back into – Start doing something after stopping for some time.
Get back to – Respond to a contact.
Get behind – Support.
Get behind with – Be late paying instalments for something.
Get by – Have just enough money to live on.
Get by on – Manage on a certain amount of money.
Get down – Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
Get down to – Start working seriously.
Get in – Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc.
Get in on – Become involved.
Get in with – Become friendly with, ingratiate with.
Get into – Become involved or interested.
Get off – Escape punishment.
Get off – Stop talking on the phone.
Get off it – A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they’re wrong or have an incorrect opinion.
Get off – on Enjoy a drug.
Get on – Continue doing something.
Get on – at Criticise unfairly.
Get on for – Be near a time.
Get on with – Have a good relationship.
Get onto – Be elected, appointed.
Get onto – Appear on the radio or TV.
Get out – Leave the house to visit place and socialise.
Get out – Become known when people want it to remain secret.
Get out – Leave a place, escape.
Get out – Say what you want when it is difficult.
Get out of – Avoid doing something you dislike.
Get over – Solve, find a solution.
Get round – Become known.
Get through – Finish.
Get through – Succeed in an exam or test.
Get up – Get out of bed.
Get up to – Do something wrong or naughty.
Gin up – Boost, increase or exaggerate.
Give away – Tell a secret, often unintentionally.
Give back – Return something you’ve borrowed.
Give back – Return something that someone has lost.
Give in – Stop doing something because it’s too hard or requires too much energy.
Give onto – Open into a place, for a door or window.
Give out – Distribute.
Give out – Stop working, through age or overuse.
Give over – Stop doing something bad or annoying.
Give up – Stop doing something that has been a habit.
Give way – Stop to allow vehicles to pass.
Go after – Chase, try to get.
Go against – Lose a decision or a verdict of a court.
Go ahead – Proceed.
Go along with – Accept a decision or suggestion.
Go around – Be or have enough of something.
Go at – Attack or approach something with vigour.
Go away – Leave a place or disappear.
Go back – Have a long history.
Go back – Return to, start doing something again.
Go below – Leave the top deck of a ship.
Go down – Sink.
Go down – Sunset.
Go down – Stop working, especially computers.
Go down – Be received by people, in terms of their reaction.
Go for – Have something favourable.
Go forth – Leave a place.
Go forward – Move clocks ahead.
Go in – Fit.
Go into – Enter a profession, hospital, trade, market.
Go into – Be dedicated or devoted.
Go it – Move or drive very fast.
Go off – Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm).
Go on – Happen.
Go on about – Talk too much.
Go out – Stop burning, be extinguished.
Go out – Leave a place.
Go out – Go on strike.
Go out – Become infashionable.
Go out – Move backwards, of a tide.
Go out to – Feel sympathy with someone.
Go out with – Have a relationship with.
Go over – Visit.
Go over Be – approved or accepted.
Go over – Clean.
Go over to – Go on a journey.
Go over to – Become converted.
Go past – Pass without stopping.
Go round – Be or have enough of something.