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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

English Grammar : Phrasal Verbs – 1

Call after – Name someone after somebody else.
Call around – Visit.
Call back – Return a phone call.
Call for – Demand.
Call for – Go to collect something.
Call forth – Make something happen.
Call in – Get someone to come and do a job.
Call in – Stop and visit.
Call off – Cancel.
Call on – Ask for help.
Call on – Visit.
Call on – Challenge.
Call on – Ask someone to do something, especially
Call out – Expose or accuse someone of wrongdoing
Call up – Summon someone for military service.
Carry off – Win, succeed.
Carry on – Continue.
CARRY ON – quietly with your work until
Carry on – Behave badly.
Carry out – Perform a task.
Carry out – Food bought from a restaurant to take away.
Carve out – Create or get a area where you can be special or successful.
Carve up – Overtake someone and then pull directly
Cash out – Illegally access a bank account or credit card and steal money.
Cash out – Exchange something for money, collectwinnings.
Cast up – Be left on the shore by the sea.
Catch at – Take or grab hold of something.
Catch on – Become popular.
Everyone else realised what was
Catch out – Trick.
Catch up – Get work, etc, up to date.
Catch up on – Do something that should have been done earlier.
Catch up with – Do something that should have been done earlier.
Chalk up – To achieve something good.
Chalk up – to Explain the reason for a problem.
Chase down – Try hard to find or get something.
Chase off – Force a person to leave or go away.
Chase up – Try to get someone to pay a bill, debt, etc.
Chase up – Try to get more information about the progress of something.
Check off – Mark something on a list as done.
Check out – Pay the bill when leaving a hotel.
Check out – Get information about or inspect something to see if it’s satisfactory.
Check out – of Settle up and pay before leaving a hotel.
Check over – Check something very carefully.
Cheer on – Encourage.
Cheer up – Be less unhappy.
Chew off – Remove by biting.
Chew out – Criticize someone angrily.
Chew over – Think about an issue.
Chill out – Relax.
Chip in – Contribute some money.
Choke out – Clog or overwhelm.
Choke up – Become tearfully emotional.
Choke up – Grip a handle farther from the end for better control.
Choose up – Form groups or teams.
Chop up – Cut into small pieces.
Chuck away – Dispose of something you no longer need or want.
Chuck in – Quit something.
Chuck out – Dispose of something you no longer need or want.
Chuck up – Vomit, be sick.
Chuck up – Quit something.
Churn out – Produce, usually quickly or in large amounts without much regard to quality.
Clag up – Make something sticky.
Clam up – Be quiet, refuse to speak.
Claw back – Get money back.
Clean off – Remove dirt or something dirty.
Clean out – Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted things..
Clean out – Cause someone to spend all their money.
Clean up – Tidy and clean.
Clear off – Leave somewhere quickly.
Clear out – Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff..
Clear out – Leave somewhere.
Clear up – Cure or recover from an infection.
Clear up – Tidy up.
Clear up – Explain.
Clear up – Improve (weather).
Climb down – Accept that you are wrong and change your position.
Cling on – Hold tight.
Cling on – to Try to keep something.
Clog up – Block, slow movement right down.
Close down – Close a shop, branch or business permanently.
Close down – Stop an opponent being a challenge.
Close in – Surround, envelop.
Close in – on Get near someone.
Close in – upon Get near someone.
Close off – Block a place to stop people entering.
Close on – Get nearer.
Close out – Bring something to an end.
Close up – Completely close something.
Cloud over – Get very cloudy.
Clown about – Behave stupidly or waste time.
Clown around – Behave stupidly or waste time.
Coast along – Do something without making much effort or trying to improve.
Cock up – Ruin or spoil something.
Come about – Happen, occur.
Come across – Find by accident.
when I was clearing out my desk.
Come across – Agree to have sex with someone.
around to – Agree with or accept something you had previously disapproved of or disliked..
Come down on – Criticise heavily.
Come down – with Fall ill.
Come forth with – Provide information.
Come from – Country or town where you were born.
Come in – Place or ranking in a competition, etc.
Come in – Receive news.
Come off – When something breaks off.
Come off – Be successful.
Come off – it I don’t believe what you’re saying; used as an imperative.
Come on – Start an illness.
Come on – Start functioning (machines, etc).
Come out – A secret is revealed.
Come out – Be published or otherwise available to the public.
Come out – in Have a rash or similar skin problem.
Come out – of Recover consciousness.
Come out – with Make something available.
Come out – with Say something publicly and unexpectedly.
Come over – Feel strange.
Come over – Affect mentally in such a way as to change behaviour (possibly related to ‘overcome’).
Come round – Change your opinion.
Come through – Arrive (messages and information).
Come through – Communicate an emotion.
Come through with – Provide something needed.
Come to – Result in.
Come up – Appear.
Come up – Rise (the sun).
Come up – against Encounter problems or difficulties.
Come up – with Think of a solution, excuse, etc.
Conk out – Suddenly breakdown or stop working.
Coop up – Confine in a small area.
Cop off – Leave work or school early.
COUNT UP – the number of tickets sold, please.
Count upon – Expect something to happen and base plans on it.
Count upon – Depend, rely.
Cover up – Conceal, try to stop people finding out.
Crack down – on Use more authority than usual.
Crack on – Continue doing something with energy.
Crack up Have a nervous breakdown.
Crack up – Have bad reception on a mobile phone.
Crack up – Damage a car badly.
Crank out – Produce a lot of something fast.
Crank up – Inject non-medical drugs.
Crank up – Start a machine, originally with a handle.
Crash out – Sleep at someone’s house because you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave.
Crash out – Fall asleep.
Cream off – Separate the best or most talented people so that they can receive special or different treatment.
Creep in – Get included despite attempts to keep it or them out.
Creep out – on To do the same activity for a very long time.
Creep over – Start to have a negative feeling.
Creep up – on Approach without someone realising.
Crop up – Appear unexpectedly.
Cross out – Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong.
Cry out – Shout because you are in pain.
Cut across – Go across a place rather than around it to make the journey quicker.
Cut across – Affect people of different groups, classes, etc.
Cut back – Reduce.
Cut back – Remove branches from a plant or tree to encourage future growth.
Cut down – on Reduce.
Cut in – Start functioning.
Cut in – Interrupt.
Cut in – Include someone in a deal that makes money.
Cut in – Mix fat and flour until the combine.
Cut off – Disconnect.
Cut off – Isolate or make inaccessible.
Cut out – Exclude.
Cut out – Cut a picture or similar from a magazine, etc.
Cut out – Leave quickly.
Cut out – Separate livestock from a group.
Cut out on – Let down, snub.
CUT OUT ON – the charity when offered more money.
Cut up – Cut into smaller pieces.
CUT it UP – into logs.
Cut up – Upset.
Cut up – Have a lot of small injuries.