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  1. Take time by the forelock – Prepare action before time
  2. To steer clear of – Avoid
  3. To beat a retreat – To march back after a ceremonious parade
  4. Under one’s own storm – With one’s own effort
  5. In the sequel – Later on
  6. A fifth columnist – Traitor
  7. Not for nuts – Under no circumstances
  8. The fat end – The last part
  9. A laughing stock – Looking ridiculous
  10. Ad hock – For the special purpose
  11. Bon voyage – A good journey for you
  12. De, jure – Rightful , legal
  13. Stave off – Prevent
  14. Awkward silence – Embarrassing silence
  15. Globetrotters – Travellers around the world
  16. The thin end of the wedge – The beginning of further concessions
  17. Tarred with same brush – Posses the same defects
  18. To steal a march – Outshine
  19. Go broke – Become penniless
  20. Set great store – Values greatly
  21. Touch and go – Risky
  22. Give A piece of mind – Scold
  23. Breath down the neck – Watch all actions closely
  24. Egg is egg – Quite certainly
  25. Kick the bucket – To die
  26. A brown study – Absorbed in reading
  27. Fight shy – Avoid form a feeling of mistrust
  28. Damp squib – An utter failure
  29. Steer clear of – Avoid
  30. Brought to book – To punish
  31. Pay by one’s nose – Pay dearly
  32. In the dumps – In low spirits
  33. Beat neck and crop – Completely
  34. Hard nose – Tough and aggressive
  35. In a real fix – In a difficult situation
  36. In one’s elements – Feel relax and confident
  37. Cold blood – Unfeelingly
  38. Weigh the anchor – Prepare to sail again
  39. To rise like a phoenix – To start afresh from a low position
  40. To have cold feet – To be reluctant
  41. Come cap in the hand – Very humble
  42. Man of straw – Insignificant
  43. At a low key – At reducing
  44. At stake – In danger
  45. To break the duck – To begin
  46. A big shot – Important person
  47. To put the cat among the pigeons – To be placed in a wrong situation
  48. Cut the Gordian knot – To perform the difficult task
  49. To gain the ground – To become more general
  50. Through thick and thin – Under any circumstances
  51. To kick up a row – To make great noise and fuss
  52. To be at the end of one’s tether – To have no resources left
  53. Odds and ends – Various article
  54. To shoot a line one’s success – To exaggerate about
  55. To feather one’s nest – To provide money even dishonestly
  56. To black ball – Prevent from doing something
  57. To be in the black(Of one’s money) – To be in credit
  58. To make no bones about something – To do or say a thing openly if it is unpleasant
  59. To foot the bill – To make payment
  60. Cut no ice – To make no effect
  61. Once and for all – Foe ever
  62. Hole and corner policy – Improper policy
  63. far and away – Certainly
  64. Face value – Superficially
  65. Bring home – To emphasise
  66. To lead one by the nose – To cause to follow blindly
  67. One’s cup of tea – What one likes and can do well
  68. To have the floor – To make speech
  69. The cock of the walk – The most dominant person in a group
  70. A cuckoo in the nest – A child whose parentage is doubtful and may therefore not belong by blood to the family
  71. Feet of clay – To be weak or cowardly
  72. A pig in poke – And article which was brought without previous inspection and which turns out to be worth less than what one paid for it.
  73. A Skelton in the cupboard – A past event which is kept secret by a family/ something embarrassing or shameful
  74. To scream blue murder – Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently
  75. To run in the same groove – Advance in harmony
  76. To lead others up the garden – To deceive others
  77. To cut both ends – To argue in support of both sides of the issue
  78. All the same – Nevertheless , but yet
  79. Cut and dried – Settled , decided
  80. Null and void – Invalid , without legal effect


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