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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 1

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

What are phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are mainly used in spoken English and informal texts. (The more formal a conversation or text, the less phrasal verbs are found.)
Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a particle (preposition, adverb). The particle can change the meaning of the verb completely.

For example:

look up – consult a reference book (look a word up in a dictionary)
look for – seek (look for her ring)
look forward – anticipate with pleasure (look forward to meeting someone)
There are no rules that might explain the meaning of phrasal verbs. All you can do is look them up in a good dictionary and study their meanings.

Position of the Particle:

In some cases the particle is placed either after the verb or after the object.


Write down the word
Write the word down
If the object is a pronoun, however, the particle has to be placed after the pronoun (object).


Write it down.
Your photo album. Put it down
Your jacket. Take it off

List of important phrasal verbs.

Abide by – Accept or follow a decision or rule.
Account for – To explain.
Ache for – Want something or someone a lot.
Act on – To take action because of something like information received.
Act out – Perform something with actions and
Act up – Behave badly or strangely.
Act upon – To take action because of something like information received.
Add on – Include in a calculation.
Add up- To make a mathematical total.
Add up – to Have a certain result.
Add up to – Come to a certain amount or figure.
Aim at – To target.
Aim at Intend – to achieve.
Allow for – Include something in a plan or calculation.
Allow of – Make possible, permit.
Angle for – Try to get something indirectly, by hinting
Answer for – Be held responsible for a problem.
Answer for – Speak on behalf of someone or from knowing them.
Argue down – Beat someone in a debate, discussion or argument.
Argue down – Persuade someone to drop the price of something they’re selling.
Argue down – Try to persuade people not to accept a
Argue out – Argue about a problem to find a solution.
Ask about – Ask how someone is doing, especially
Ask around – Invite someone.
Ask for – To provoke a negative reaction.
Ask for – Request to have or be given.
Ask in – To invite somebody into your house.
Ask out – To invite someone for a date.
Ask over – Invite.
Ask round – Invite someone.
Auction off – Sell something in an auction.
Back away – Retreat or go backwards.
Back down – Retract or withdraw your position or
proposal in an argument.
Back into – Enter a parking area in reverse gear.
Back off – Retreat.
Back out – Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.
Back out – of Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement.
Back out – of Exit a parking area in reverse gear.
parking space.
Back up – Make a copy of computer data.
Back up – Support.
Back up – Drive a vehicle backwards.
Bag out – Criticise.
Bail out – Save, rescue.
Bail up – Talk to someone and delay them.
Ball up – Confuse or make things complicated.
Balls up – Spoil, ruin.
Bang about – Move in a place making a lot of noise.
Bang on – Talk at great length.
Bang out – Play a musical instrument loudly.
Bang up – Put someone in prison.
Bang up – Damage badly.
Bargain on – Expect something to happen (usually negative).
Barge in – Enter a place and interrupt.
Barge into – Enter a place and interrupt people rudely.
Bash about – Mistreat physically.
Bash in – Break, damage or injure by hitting.
Bawl out – Scold, shout at someone.
Be along – Arrive.
Be away – Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc.
Be cut – up Be upset.
Be down – Be depressed.
Be down – Be reduced or less.
Be fed up – Be bored, upset or sick of something.
Be in – Be submitted, arrive.
Be in – on Be involved in.
Be not on – Be unacceptable.
Be off – Depart, leave. I’m OFF home; it’s five o’clock.
Be on – Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly.
Be taken – aback Be shocked or surprised.
Be taken – with Like something
Be up – Be out of bed. She’s not UP yet.
Bear on – Influence, affect.
Bear up – Resist pressure.
Bear with – Be patient.
Beat down – Strong sunshine.
Beat down – Get someone to lower the price of something.
Beat out – Narrowly win in competition.
Beat up – Attack violently.
Bed down – Sleep somewhere less comfortable thannormal.
Bed down – Become established or successful over time.
Bed out – Move a plant outside.
Beef up – Make something stronger or more solid.
Belong to – Be a member.
Belong with – Be in the correct or appropriate location with other items.
Belt out – Sing something loudly.
Belt up – Be quiet.
Belt up – Fasten your seatbelt.
Big up – Exaggerate the importance.
Bitch up – Spoil or ruin something.
Blank out – Have a temporary memory failure.
Blare out – A loud sound or music.
Blast off – Leave the ground- spaceship or rocket.
Blaze away – Fire a gun repeatedly.
Block in – Park a car and obstruct another car.
Block out – Stop light from entering or leaving.
Block out – Try not think about or feel something
Block up – Fill a space so that nothing can pass.
Blow away – Impress greatly.
Blow down – When the wind forces something to fall.
Blow off – Not keep an appointment.
Blow off – Ignore, not do something.
Blow up – Explode.
Bog into – Eat something enthusiastically.
Boil down – Simplify, reduce to the essentials.
Boil up – Feel a negative emotion strongly.
Bone up – on Study hard for a goal or reason.
Border on – Be very nearly something.
Bottom out – Pass the lowest point and start rising.
Bounce into – Force someone.
Bounce off – Test ideas.
Bowl over – Surprise someone greatly.
Break down – End negotiations unsuccessfully.
Break down – Stop working.
Break in – Interrupt something.
Break off – End a relationship.
Break out – in Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or irritation..
Break through – Pass a barrier or obstacle.
Brick in – Close or fill a space with bricks.
Brick up – Close or fill a space with bricks.
Bring along – Help someone improve.
Bring back – Return.
Bring on – Make something appear.
Bring up – Raise a child.
BUCKLE UNDER – or face the sack.
Bug out – Open your eyes wide in surprise.
Bulk out – Make something bigger or thicker.
Bundle up – Put on warm clothing.

These are some important Phrasal verbs which can be asked in upcoming SBI PO PRELIMS exams.we will cover all important phrasal verbs in upcoming days.