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English Grammar – Phrasal Verbs 6

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Phrasal verb, Which are asked yesterday in SBI PO PRELIMS !!!

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Get up to – Do something wrong or naughty.
Ghost away – Remove someone secretly of discreetly.
Ginger up – Make more lively.
Give away – Tell a secret, often unintentionally.
Give away – Betray, report to authorities.
Give away – Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing.
Give back – Return something you’ve borrowed.
Give in – Stop doing something because it’s too hard or requires too much energy.
Give in – Submit homework, etc..
Give in – Surrender, accept defeat.
Give in – Offer or submit for judgement, approval.
Give in to – Agree to something you don’t like.
Give in to – Allow a feeling or desire to control you.
Give it to – Criticise harshly or punish someone for something.
Give it up to – Applaud.
Give off – Emit pollution or something else unpleasant.
Give off – Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way.
Give off – Follow or take one of 2 or more branches (instructions, in machine code) in writing a computer program (using system software for a programming language).
Give onto Open – into a place, for a door or window.
Give out – Distribute.
Give out – Have no more of a supply.
Give out – Make public.
Give out – End or finish somewhere.
Give out Make a sound or noise.
Give over – Entrust, pass on responsibility.
Give over – Stop an activity.
Give over to – Dedicate, devote.
Give up – Stop being friendly, end relationships.
Give up – Stop doing something.
Give up on – Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone.
Give up on – Stop feeling hope.
Give way – Stop to allow vehicles to pass.
Give way – Collapse, break.
Give way to – Yield, surrender, retreat.
Give way to – Surrender to strong emotions.
Gloss over – Try to minimise the importance of something.
Gnaw at – Trouble, worry or annoy someone.
Go about – Deal with something.
Go across – Move to another side or place.
Go after – Chase, try to get.
Go against – Lose a decision or a verdict of a court.
Go along with – Accept a decision or suggestion.
Go along  with – Accompany.
Go around – Be or have enough of something.
graduating nowadays.
Go around – Visit.
Go at – Attack or approach something with vigour.
Go away – Leave a place or disappear.
Go back – Have a long history.
Go back – Return to, start doing something again.
Go back on – Break a promise.
Go before – Precede.
Go below – Leave the top deck of a ship.
Go by – The passing of time.
Go by – Trust or depend on for correct information.
Go by – Pay a short visit, call.
Go down – Become recorded as or known as.
Go down – Be eaten or swallowed.
Go down – Stop working, especially computers.
Go down – Become dimmer.
Go down with – Find acceptance.
Go for – Choose, select.
Go for it – Be assertive and ready to initiate action.
Go forth – Leave a place.
Go forth – Travel abroad, leave a place.
Go forward – Move clocks ahead.
Go in – Attack.
Go in for – Enter a competition or sit an exam.
Go in for – Make a career choice.
Go in with – Form a union or alliance.
Go into – Discuss in some detail.
Go into-  Enter a profession, hospital, trade, market.
Go into – Begin a speech or description.
Go into – Be dedicated or devoted.
Go into – Be contained in a larger number.
Go it – Behave in a reckless way.
Go it – Move or drive very fast.
Go it alone – Do something without help.
Go off – Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm).
Go off – Go bad.
Go off – Start to dislike.
Go off – Leave a place.
Go off – Take place, follow a plan or pattern.
Go off with – Steal.
Go on – Happen.
Go on – Spend money.
Go on – Start working (electric/electronic equipment).
Go on about – Talk too much.
Go on at – Pester, try to make someone do something by repeatedly asking or suggesting.
Go on to – Proceed.
Go on with – Continue doing.
Go one – A way of encouraging someone.
Go out – Stop burning, be extinguished.
Go out – Leave a place.
Go out – Go on strike.
Go out – Become infashionable.
Go out – Move backwards, of a tide.
Go out – Be eliminated in a competition.
Go out – Be transmitted.
Go out – Be sent.
Go out – Intend.
Go out for – Become a candidate, apply for something.
Go out to – Feel sympathy with someone.
Go out with – Have a relationship with.
Go over – Look at something, revise.
Go over – Be approved or accepted.
Go over – Repeat or explain.
Go over – Clean.
Go over to – Go on a journey.
Go over to – Become converted.
Go over to – Change to something different.
Go round – Circulate.
Go round – Visit.
Go through – Do something in a certain way or following certain procedures.
Go through – Explain.
Go through – Be approved formally or sanctioned.
Go through – Consume or spend.
Go through – Perform or carry something out.
Go under – Go bankrupt.
Go under – Lose consciousness.
Go under – Sink.
Go up – Rise or climb.
Go up – Approach.
Go up – Be heard.
Go up to – Attend a university.
Go up to – Reach.
Go with – Accept, agree to.
Go without – Not have.
Goof up – Mess, spoil.
Grasp at – Take an opportunity without hesitation.
Grass on – Report someone to a person in authority.
Grass up – Report someone to a person in authority.
Grey out – Disable a function in a computer program, leaving it visible but not working.
Grind away – Keep working at something.
Grind down – Reduce or destroy someone’s enthusiasm.
Grind on – Proceed relentlessly.
Grind on – Talk endlessly.
Grind out – Produce something with great difficulty.
Grind up-  Reduce to small pieces.
Grow apart – Become distant, stop having a close relationship because time, distance, interests, etc, have changed.
Grow away from – Become less friendly with.
Grow back – Grow again.
Grow from – Result from a process.
Grow into – Develop or change over time to fit something.
Grow on – Like something that you didn’t like at first.
Grow on – Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance.
Grow on – Become gradually more evident.
Grow out of – Grow too large for clothes.
Grow out of – Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature.
Grow out of – Result or develop from.
Grow to – Eventually do something.
Grow together – Gradually become attached, united or close.
Grow up – Arise, emerge.
Grow up – Develop in a place or for a reason (city, town, etc).
Grow up on – Do or have something when you are a child.
Grow upon – Like something that you didn’t like at first.
Grow upon – Have a greater influence or degree of acceptance.
Grow upon – Become gradually more evident.
Gun for – Try to destroy an opponent.
Gussy up – Dress smartly or improve the appearance of something.