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English Grammar : Adjectives – Part 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Adjectives and its Usages, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

English Grammar : Adjectives – Part 1

As we have posted basic description about adjectives, Now we are discussing remaining rules of adjectives.

2. Adjective of Number:

Words which are used to express the exact quantity of noun are known as adjectives of number.

Ex – I have taught you many things.

Here many is an adjective which describes the noun things. The adjective is used to specify the quantity of the noun. Hence, it is known as adjective of number.

  • Adjective of number are of three types namely.
    A. Definite Numeral Adjective
    B. Indefinite Numeral Adjective
    C. Distributive Numeral AdjectiveA. Definite Numeral Adjective:

Words which express the exact number are known as definite numeral adjectives. There are two types of definite numeral adjectives,

a. Cardinals ( one, two, three etc.)
b. Ordinals (first, second, third etc.)

For example,

Ex – He came first in his class.

Here the word first is the adjective which is used to describe the position of the noun.

B. Indefinite Numeral Adjective:

Words which do not express the exact quantity are known as indefinite numeral adjectives. Some of indefinite numeral adjectives are


For example,

Ex – All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

Here the word all is an adjective which is used to describe the quantity of noun Indians but not the exact number.

C. Distributive Numeral Adjective:

Words which points out or describes noun one at a time are known as distributive numeral adjectives.

Ex – Either pen will do.

Here The word either is the adjective used to point out one noun from a group of nouns.

4. Demonstrative Adjective:

Words which are used to point any noun in particular are known as demonstrative adjectives. Some of the demonstrative adjectives are this, these, those, that etc.

Have a look at this sentence,

Ex – These mangoes are tasty.

In this sentence, the word these is an adjective which is used to represent a set of noun in this case, mangoes.

5. Interrogative Adjective:

Words which are used to ask questions are known as interrogative adjectives. Some of interrogative adjectives are what, which, whose etc.

Ex – Whose book is it?

In this sentence, the word whose is an adjective which is used to question the ownership of the noun in this case, book.

Note: Adjective of number and Adjective of quantity depends on the usage in a sentence.