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English Grammar : Adjectives – Part 1

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Adjectives and its Usages, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

What are Adjectives

An adjectives are words which are used to point out or describe a person or thing, animal, place and which describe or modify nouns are known as Adjectives.

Examples :

Sizes : big, small, large, thin, thick
Shapes : triangular, round, square, circular
Colors : black, blue, white, green, red
Personality : happy, sad, angry, depressed
Time : Yearly , monthly, annually
Ages : new, young, old, brand-new, second-hand
Sounds : Loud, noisy, quiet, silent
Tastes : juicy, sweet
Qualities : good, bad, mediocre etc.

Now in a sentence –
Ex – ‘My mother was angry on me.’
In this sentence, the word ‘angry’ is the adjective. It is used to describe about the noun ‘mother’.

There are five types of adjectives. 

1. Adjective of quality
2. Adjective of quantity
3. Adjective of number
4. Demonstrative Adjective
5. Interrogative Adjective

1. Adjective Of Quality:

Words which are used to describe about the kind or quality of a noun are known as adjectives of quality.

Ex – She is a beautiful girl.

In this sentence, the word she is a pronoun which represents a noun and the word beautiful is an adjective. Here the adjective explains or adds more information about the noun in terms of its kind. Hence it is called adjective of quality.

2. Adjective Of Quantity:

Words which shows the quantity of thing needed for a noun are known as adjectives of quantity.

Ex – Take great care of your health.

In this sentence, the word health is the noun and the word great is an adjective. Here the adjective is used to express the quantity or the amount needed for the noun. Hence this is known as adjective of quantity.