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Eminent Physicist P.Hariharan passes away

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Eminent physicist Dr.Parameswaran Hariharan died at 89 on 26th July 2015 in Berkely,California.

Dr.Hariharan was the son of Prof.H.Parameswaran(H.P.Waran) of presidency college and the son-in-law of alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer.He born on December 24,1926.

About his Works and Achievements:

  • Hariharan worked at the National Physical laboratory(NPL),New Delhi(1949-51) and at the National Research Council,Ottawa(1951-54).
  • In NPL he received his PhD for his work on photographic resolving power.
  • He was in key posts at several scientific institutes and organizations ans was also an honory visiting professor at the University of Sydney.
  • His contributions include the design of a new three-beam interferometer,the double-passed Fabry-perot interferometer,and the first practical radial-shear interferometer.
  • He was also the first to apply digital phase-shifting techniques to holographic interferometry for measurements of vector displacements and strains.
  • He published more than 200 papers and five major reviews in international journals.
  • He has authored four books and written several book chapters.

Awards received by Hariharan:

  • He is a recipient of the Joseph Fraunofer Medal of the Optical society of America.
  • Young medal of the Institue of Physics ,London .
  • The Walter Boas Medal of the Australian Institute of Physics and Gold medals of the Australian optical Society and SPIE.
  • The Dennis Gabor Award of SPIE.