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Current Affairs Quiz : November 18 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs November 2016 Quiz in  Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Jallikattu is a religious sports of which state?
    B.Tamil Nadu
    D.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer  – B.Tamil Nadu
    Jallikattu is a bull taming sport played in Tamil Nadu on Mattu Pongal day as a part of Pongal celebrations i.e. harvest festival.

  2. Supreme Court has banned Jallikattu, which is a sports related to taming of which animal?
    Answer  – A.Bull
    The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition filed by Tamil Nadu government to review the judgment of the Apex Court that banned Jallikattu in 2014. Tamil Nadu defines the event as an act of “taming” of bulls that comes under the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act of 2009 and did not had anything to do with cruelty.

  3. Which state government has inked pact with Microsoftto explore cloud, machine learning and mobile-based solutions in the state.
    A.New Delhi
    B.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer  – D.Telangana
    Telangana IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and Microsoft India (R&D) Managing Director Anil Bhansali signed an MoU with Microsoft Corporation India to explore cloud, machine learning and mobile-based solutions in the state.The aim of the pact is to promote the states effort to incorporate Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

  4. In which state the government has cancelled the Gitanjali Gems’ special economic zone(SEZ) project?
    A.West Bengal
    Answer  –  C.Maharashtra
    Government approved the cancellation of Gitanjali Gems’ special economic zone (SEZ) project in Maharashtra on November 18 2016. The decision was taken by the Board of Approval (BoA), headed by Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia.

  5. Which NASA Astronaut has recently become the oldest woman to travel in the Space
    A.Ellen Baker
    B.Mary Cleave
    C.Anna Fisher
    D.Peggy Whitson
    Answer  –  D.Peggy Whitson
    56 years old NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson became the oldest female astronaut to travel to space at 3:20 pm on November 17, 2016. Whitson will travel to the International Space Station with two other crew members, 56 years old NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson became the oldest female astronaut to travel to space at 3:20 pm on November 17, 2016. Whitson will travel to the International Space Station with two other crew members, where she will turn 57 on February 9, 2017

  6. The third World Internet Conference was Held in which country?
    Answer  – B.China
    The 3rd World Internet Conference began in China’s Wuzhen on November 16, 2016 and the event will continue till November 18, 2016.  The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace”.

  7. India is not inclined to automatically grant the coveted ‘Market Economy Status’ (MES) to which country?
    Answer  –  A.China
    India is not inclined to automatically grant the coveted ‘Market Economy Status’ (MES) to China under World Trade Organisation (WTO) norms in December 2016. Under WTO norms, once a country gets MES status, exports from it are to be accepted at the production costs and selling price as the benchmark. Prior to this status, country is considered as a Non Market Economy (NME).

  8. Which bank organised an online Light up a Smile Campaign at the SOS Children Village to bring smiles on the faces of children residing in the village?
    A.Union Bank
    C.Bank of Baroda
    D.Federal Bank
    Answer  –  C.Bank of Baroda
    Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (KAT) Zone of Bank of Baroda (BoB)organised an online Light up a Smile Campaign at the SOS Children Village at Bengaluruto bring smiles on the faces of more than 150 children residing in the village. Bank of Baroda KAT Zone celebrated this day as the festival of philanthropy with the theme of ‘Joy of Giving’ and ‘Light up a Smile’.

  9. Who is the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas?
    A.Dr. Jitendra Singh
    B.Dharmendra Pradhan
    C.Chaudhary Birender Singh
    D.Anant Geete
    Answer  –  B.Dharmendra Pradhan
    Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan announced that people can get cash at select petrol pumps with SBI machines by swiping their debit cards from November 18 2016.

  10. Google Cloud has tied up with which telecom company to offer G Suite to Indian enterprises
    Answer  –  A.Vodafone
    Vodafone India’s enterprise arm, Vodafone Business Services (VBS) has joined hands with Google Cloud to offer G Suite to corporate customers. The new tie-up follows a partnership with technology major Microsoft for enterprise-grade productivity and collaboration services.

  11. Name the application launched by Reliance communication for international calling.
    A.RCT Abroad
    B.RSI India
    C.RGC India
    D.JIO Global
    Answer  – C.RGC India.
    Reliance Communication’s international calling service Reliance Global Call launched an app RGC IndiA.It will allows international calling at Rs 1.4 a minute. This app will enables direct-dialing of international contacts, without the need to enter toll-free number or PIN numbers.

  12. Who has been conferred with the 2016 Sumitra Charat Ram Award for lifetime achievement in the field of Indian classical music?
    A.Panditt Jasraj
    B.Kishori Amonkar
    C.Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia
    D.Pandit Birju Maharaj
    Answer  –  C.Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia
    Noted flutist Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia was awarded the 2016 Sumitra Charat Ram Award for lifetime achievement in the field of Indian classical music at Shriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra in the presence of Chairman of Sangeet Natak Akademi, Shekhar Sen on November 17, 2016.

  13. Where was the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards held ?
    B.Las Vegas
    D.New Jersey
    Answer  –  B.Las Vegas
    The  Premiere Ceremony took place on November 17, 2016, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.The three-hour celebration of Latin music and its top performers was hosted by actors Roselyn Sánchez and Sebastián Rulli.

  14. Name the app launched by Google to scan physical photographs
    Answer  – A.PhotoScan
    Google launched a new app called ‘PhotoScan‘ which has been designed to scan and digitise old printed photos. The app detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare.Then the final image is stored at a specified location.

  15. Scientists has genetically modified photosynthesis process to increase crop yield by
    A.11 Percent
    B.12 Percent
    C.15 Percent
    D.17 Percent
    Answer  –  C.15 Percent
    Scientists have made genetic modifications in one of the most important biological process on the planet – The Photosynthesis to increase the crop production 15% more than normal to feed a growing global population.

  16. Which player has been sentenced 8-year ban By NADA?
    A.Dharambir Singh
    B.Narsingh Yadav
    C.Rahul Bhatnagar
    D.Mr. M. Syamlal
    Answer  –  A.Dharambir Singh
    Dharambir Singh, a Haryana sprinter, who was recently barred from representing the country in the Rio Olympics at the last minute for failing a dope test, has been sentenced a ban of eight years by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA).

  17. IOC has Disqualifies how many athletes after Doping Retest?
    Answer  –  D.10
    The International Olympic Committee has disqualified 10 athletes of medals achieved from the 2008 Olympics after banned substances were found during retests of samples from the games.

  18. Which ministry has formed a Committee to Look Into Queries of NRI’S?
    A.The Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    B.The Ministry of Law and Justice
    C.The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
    D.The Ministry of External Affairs
    Answer  – D.The Ministry of External Affairs
    The Ministry of External Affairs has formed an inter-ministerial committee on November 17, 2016, to solve the queries of NRIs, tourists from abroad and foreign missions over demonetization issue.According to the Ministry, some NRIs, money exchange associations, and foreign tourists abroad have expressed concern about the difficulties being faced by them regarding the demonetization move.

  19. Which thermal power plant has recently been decommissioned forever by TANGEDCO?
    A.Kudankulam Atomic Power Plant
    B.Ennore Thermal Power Station
    C.Mettur Thermal Power Plant
    D.North Chennai Thermal Power Station
    Answer  –  B.Ennore Thermal Power Station
    TANGEDCO has decided that the 45-year-old Ennore Thermal Power Station in Tamil Nadu will shut down forever when the coal stock is exhausted on November 16, 2016. The Ennore TPS units are of lower capacity and of very old design and have served for more than 40 years and has utilized its capacity to the fullest.

  20. What was the motive of the conference business with purpose held at BSE among corporate heads?
    A.Rewarding society
    B.Social Responsibility
    C.Giving Back to Society
    D.Gifting Society
    Answer  –  C.Giving Back to Society
    About 500 corporate heads gathered at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on November 17, 2016, for a conference to discuss on topic ‘business with a purpose’ in order to inculcate the sense of “giving back to society”.Aim: To focus on how business entities can give back to the society by empowering others.

  21. Which Indian Company was named  as Industry Champions in the Leadership category at the 3rd annual Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) ?
    Answer – A.TCS
    Explanation :
    TCS and Vedanta, leading Indian Companies, have been awarded care at the 3rd annual Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) for their leadership in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, eco consciousness and community.

  22. The 6th edition of ‘Kathakar: International Storytellers Festival’ was held in ________
    D.New Delhi
    Answer – D.New Delhi
    Explanation :
    The sixth edition of ‘Kathakar: International Storytellers Festival’ held in New Delhi to showcase both contemporary stories and tales from the histories and oral traditions of different countries.