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Current Affairs Quiz : August 10 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs August 2016 Quiz in  Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Which date is observed as Bio Fuel Day across the world annually to create awareness about non fossil fuels?
    A.August 10
    B.August 11
    C.September 10
    D.September 11
    Answer –  A.August 10
    Explanation :
    World Bio-Fuel Day is observed across the world on 10 August annually intended to create awareness about non fossil-fuels (Green Fuels). To mark German’s Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel’s invention of the diesel engine, achievement, World Bio-fuel Day is observed every year.

  2. What is the name of the book is released by the Uttarakhand Governor K K Paul narrating the State’s journey since 2000?
    A.Uttarakhand: Fifteen Years of Development
    B.Uttarakhand: Fifty Years of Development
    C.Uttarakhand: Fourteen Years of Flourishment
    D.Uttarakhand: Fifteen Years of Flourishment
    Answer –  A.Uttarakhand: Fifteen Years of Development
    Explanation :
    Uttarakhand Governor K K Paul released a book titled Uttarakhand: Fifteen Years of Development which is narrating the state’s journey since its inception in 2000. The book was edited by former state chief secretary R S Tolia, takes stock of the achievements made and shortcomings in the area of development of the state since its inception.

  3. Which veteran tamil writer and filmmaker has passed away due to age-related ailments at his residence in Chennai?
    A.Panchu Arunachalam
    B.Sai Prashanth
    C.Bala Murali Mohan
    D.Rajesh Kumar
    Answer –  A.Panchu Arunachalam
    Explanation :
    Arunachalam who started producing films by his production firm named P. A. Arts, He is the man who introduced Ilayaraja as music director in 1976 Tamil film Annakilli and made more films starring Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth.

  4. Which act endorses to protect wild animals against hunting and commercial exploitation?
    A.Wild Life Preservation Act, 1973
    B.Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
    C.Wild Life Protection Act, 1975
    D.Wild Life Conservation Act, 1973
    Answer –  B.Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
    Explanation :
    The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, provides for stringent, punishments for wildlife offences. The Act also provides for forfeiture of any equipment, vehicle or weapon that is used for committing wildlife offences.

  5. What is the name of high-resolution radar imaging satellite is launched by the China?
    Answer –  C.Gaofen-3
    Explanation :
    China launched a new high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar imaging satellite which provides accurate pictures of earth with ability to photograph detailed scenarios of its specific areas.

  6. What is the name of machine-learning startup has been announced by the US tech major Apple?
    Answer –  A.Turi
    Explanation :
    The US tech major Apple has announced the purchase of US based machine-learning startup Turi for a reported $200m to boost artificial intelligence. The new purchase will help Apple to strengthen its platform that facilitates data scientists and application developers to create intelligent applications.

  7. Which states have been chosen by American photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer to commission first 130 MW of solar power plants?
    A.Odisha and Assam
    B.Tamilnadu and Karnataka
    C.Kerala and Karnataka
    D.Andhra Pradesh and Telengana
    Answer –  D.Andhra Pradesh and Telengana
    Explanation :
    American photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer’s Indian subsidiary First Solar Power India announced the commercial operation of 80 MW and 50 MW as part of the 260 MW project portfolio solar power plants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

  8. Which rank is bagged by the TCS among the Top 100 Most Valuable Brand in the US?
    Answer –  D.58th
    Explanation :
    Brand Finance rating agency has ranked TCS as the 58th most valuable brand in the US and as one of only four global IT services companies recognised as a top 100 brand in the US, with 78.3 points, earning an AA+ rating.

  9. Madhya Pradesh along with which Union territory joined Centre’s Power deft revitalizing power discoms UDAY scheme that will save the state Rs 17,515 crore?
    A.Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    Answer –  D.Puducherry
    Explanation :
    With this Puducherry is the first union territory to formally join the scheme. Also this marks the number of states/UT that have joined UDAY goes up to 16.

  10. Which statement is correct according to the recent World’s longest hunger strike by Irom Shramila?
    A.She has done the 17 year long fast
    B.She is called as an Iron Lady of Meghalaya
    C.She is ended hunger strike on August 9
    D.She was voted the top woman icon of India by MSN Poll in 2015
    Answer –  C.She is ended hunger strike on August 9
    Explanation :
    World’s longest hunger strike ended on August 9 when Irom Chanu Sharmila ended her 16-year-long fast. The objective of her fast and entering politics is to fight for the removal of AFSPA.

  11. Which company has acquired US based Job Portal Monster Worldwide Inc for $429 million in all cash deal is likely to close in Quarter 4 of 2016?
    Answer – C.Randstad
    Explanation :
    Dutch based human resources services provider Randstad has acquired US-based job portal Monster Worldwide Inc for $429 million in all cash deal which is likely to close in Q4 2016.

  12. Which is the following act is not approved by the houses for the Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws Amendment Bill, 2016?
    B.DRT Act
    C.Indian Postal Act
    D.Depositories Act
    Answer –  C.Indian Postal act
    Explanation :
    The bill approved by Lok Sabha and cleared by Rajya Sabha amends four laws — Sarfaesi Act, DRT Act, Indian Stamp Act and Depositories Act.

  13. Who has been appointed as Managing Director of State Bank of India for three years?
    A.Mukesh Kumar
    B.Sunil Kumar
    C.Deva Kumar
    D.Dinesh Kumar
    Answer –  D.Dinesh Kumar
    Explanation :
    Dinesh Kumar Khara was appointed Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI) for a period of three years. He is currently working as MD and CEO of SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd.

  14. Union Government has declared that the Non Performing Assets of Commercial banks have been increased by how much percentage?
    Answer –  C.4
    Explanation :
    The Union Government has declared that the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) of commercial banks have increased by around 4% from March 2015 to March 2016.

  15. Which Power plant has been dedicated by Prime Minister of India and Russian President to Nations?
    Answer –  A.Kudankulam
    Explanation :
    KKNPP is dedicated to the people of India by Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putini. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin  dedicated Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project’s (KKNPP) first unit to the country.

  16. Union Labour Minister proposed and passed the Employee’s Compensation (Amendment) Bill 2016. The bill amends which Act to welfare the employees?
    A.Employees’ Compensation Act, 1922
    B.Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923
    C.Employees’ Compensation Act, 1924
    D.Employees’ Compensation Act, 1925
    Answer – B.Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923
    Explanation :
    In Lok Sabha Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya proposed and passed the Employee’s Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The Bill amends the Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923.

  17. Lok Sabha passed to include which state under Central Agricultural University of Imphal vide Central Agricultural University (Amendment) Bill, 2016?
    Answer –  B.Nagaland
    Explanation :
    The Central Agricultural University (Amendment) Bill, 2016 that provides for bringing the northeastern state of Nagaland under the jurisdiction of Imphal-based Central Agriculture University in neighboring Manipur was passed by the Lok Sabha.

  18. Lok Sabha passed Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill and Introduced the Factories (Amendment) Bill to unlock which sector value?
    A.VSNL Land
    B.Boost Textile
    C.Marble Sector
    D.All the above
    Answer –  D.All the Above
    Explanation :
    Lok Shaba passes Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill and Introduced the Factories (Amendment) Bill. The Lok Sabha on passed the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill on August 10. This bill will help unlock value of VSNL land, boost textile and marble sector.