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Current Affairs Quiz: 28 October 2022

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 October 2022 to achieve more marks in Banking, Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT, Railways and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz question from our daily current affairs 2022 updates.

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  1. In October 2022, which of the following Lakshadweep beaches received the “Blue Flag” Tag?
    1) Kadmat Beach
    2) Minicoy Thundi Beach
    3) Kavaratti Beach
    4) Both 1 & 2
    5) All 1, 2 & 3
    Answer- 4) Both 1 & 2
    The two Indian beaches, Minicoy Thundi Beach and Kadmat Beach, both in Lakshadweep have been accorded with the globally recognized and the coveted International eco-label ‘Blue Flag’. They comply with all the 33 criteria as mandated by the Foundation for Environment Education (FEE) in Denmark.
    i. With this certification, India’s total number of beaches under the Blue Flag reached 12.
    ii. The information for the same was provided by Union Minister Bhupender Yadav, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC).

  2. In October 2022, India’s first solar-powered village ‘Modhera’ became India’s first net-zero energy community.
    Modhera village is situated in which state?

    1) Madhya Pradesh
    2) Rajasthan
    3) Punjab
    4) Haryana
    5) Gujarat
    Answer-5) Gujarat
    India’s first solar-powered village Modhera in the Mehsana district of Gujarat has become India’s first ‘net-zero’ energy community by meeting its 100% energy requirements using onsite solar power.
    • This was achieved as a result of Project Suryagram (Sun Village).
    i. As a part of the project, 1 kilowatt(KW) of solar panels were installed on the roof of every household in Modhera in 2 phases.
    ii. The project made Modhera India’s first 24×7 solar-powered villages.

  3. In October 2022, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) granted the Aerodrome Licence to Mopa Airport in _________.
    1) West Bengal
    2) Odisha
    3) Maharashtra
    4) Goa
    5) Madhya Pradesh
    Answer-4) Goa
    The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) grants the Aerodrome Licence to Mopa Airport in Goa to commence flight operations.
    i. Goa is the 1st Indian city-state to have 2 airports that will soon see regular commercial flights.

  4. As per the World Energy Outlook 2022, released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in October 2022, Global Emissions are expected to peak in ________.
    1) 2035
    2) 2025
    3) 2050
    4) 2040
    5) 2030
    Answer- 3) 2050
    According to the World Energy Outlook 2022, released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global emissions will reach their peak in 2025 as rising energy prices brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine encourage investment in Renewable Energy sources.
    i. Global emissions reach their peak before 2025 and drop to 31.5 Gigatonnes (Gt) of Carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2030, which is roughly 15% less than in the Scenario of Stated Policies (STEPS).
    ii. The IEA predicts that global Renewable Energy investment would increase by more than 50% from 2020 levels to USD 2 trillion per year by 2030.

  5. Name the bank that has recently (in Oct ‘22) launched six digital transformation initiatives under its “Project WAVE (World of Advanced Virtual Experience)”.
    1) Bank of India
    2) Punjab National Bank
    3) Indian Bank
    4) Union Bank of India
    5) Canara Bank
    Answer-3) Indian Bank
    The Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Indian Bank launched six digital transformation initiatives under its ‘Project WAVE (World of Advance Virtual Experience)’.
    i. Indian Bank has tied-up with Universal Sompo General Insurance for providing online two and three-wheeler insurance, and health insurance through its mobile banking app IndOASIS. This will enable bank’s customers to access and buy general insurance products digitally, anytime, and anywhere.

  6. Name the payments bank that has recently (in Oct ‘22) launched a Group Accident Insurance Plan with Rs 10 lakh coverage.
    1) Paytm Payments Bank
    2) Fino Payments Bank
    3) India Post Payment Bank
    4) Airtel Payments Bank
    5) Jio Payments Bank
    Answer-3) India Post Payment Bank
    The India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) operating under the Department of Posts (DoP), Ministry of Communications, has introduced a Group Accident Insurance Plan with an accidental death coverage of Rs 10 lakh.
    i. The insurance plan will be made available by The India Post in collaboration with Tata AIG and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance companies for a premium of Rs. 399 or Rs. 396 annually.
    ii. This insurance plan is available to anyone between the ages of 18 years and 65 years.

  7. As per the recent (as of Oct ‘22) data of Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Russia has become India’s ______ largest trading partner, while ______ emerged as India’s biggest trading partner.
    1) 5th; Saudi Arabia
    2) 7th; China
    3) 5th; United Arab Emirates
    4) 7th; United States
    5) 3rd; United Arab Emirates
    Answer-4) 7th; United States
    According to the most recent data available with the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Russia has moved from 25th place in 2021 to become India’s seventh-largest trading partner.
    • During the first five months (April-August) of the fiscal year 2022–23 (FY23), bilateral trade between India and Russia jumped to a record high of USD 18,229.03 billion.
    i. The United States (US) emerged as India’s biggest trading partner from April – August of FY23, with a trade volume of USD 57,632.37 million followed by China (2nd), UAE (3rd), Saudi Arabia (4th), Iraq (5th) & Indonesia (6th).

  8. Name the institute that has recently (in Oct ‘22) won the National Intellectual Property(IP) Awards 2021 and 2022.
    1) IIT Bombay
    2) IIT Madras
    3) IIT Delhi
    4) IIT Kanpur
    5) IIT Kharagpur
    Answer- 2) IIT Madras
    Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has been conferred the National Intellectual Property(IP) Awards 2021 and 2022 by the Government of India for being the top Indian Academic Institution for patents filing, grants and commercialisation.
    i. The award is presented by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

  9. The _________ Infantry Day was observed on 27th October 2022 by the Indian Army.
    1) 76th
    2) 73rd
    3) 75th
    4) 72nd
    5) 74th
    Answer-1) 76th
    The Indian Army annually observes the 27th October as Infantry Day to commemorate the contributions of the Infantry, the largest fighting arm of the Indian Army. 27th October 2022 marks the observance of the 76th Infantry Day.
    i. The day marks the anniversary of the 1st military event of Independent India which took place in the Kashmir Valley against Pakistani invaders on 27th October 1947.
    ii. In 2022, the Indian Army and the Air Force celebrate the 27th October as “Shaurya Diwas”, since the day also marks the golden jubilee celebration of the Kashmir Air Base of the Indian Air Force.

  10. Which state has recently (in Oct ‘22) launched ‘SAFAL’ (Simplified Application for Agricultural Loans), a Common Credit Portal for Farmers?
    1) Gujarat
    2) Maharashtra
    3) Odisha
    4) Madhya Pradesh
    5) West Bengal
    Answer-3) Odisha
    Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister (CM) of Odisha, launched a common credit portal ‘SAFAL’ (Simplified Application for Agricultural Loans) for the welfare of farmers.
    i. SAFAL is India’s 1st online agricultural credit facilitation portal.
    ii. It has a facility that will provide access to more than 300 Agriculture & Allied Sector loans from more than 40 banks for farmers and agribusiness owners.