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Current Affairs Quiz: 2 July 2020

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily Current Affairs 2 July 2020 Quiz to achieve more marks in Banking, Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT, Railways and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz question from our daily current affairs 2020 updates.

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Questions Based on Current Affairs 2 July 2020

  1. Name the Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying minister of India, who launched 1st edition of “Matsya Sampada” – newsletter fisheries and aquaculture recently.
    1) PiyushGoyal
    2) Raj Kumar Singh
    3) Ravi Shankar Prasad
    4) Giriraj Singh
    5) Pralhad Joshi
    Answer-4) Giriraj Singh
    Giriraj Singh, Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, launched the 1st edition of “Matsya Sampada” – newsletter fisheries and aquaculture published by the Department of Fisheries and the operational guidelines of Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY).

  2. Which IIT has prepared world’s 1st online B.Sc Degree in Programming and Data science (launched by HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal)?
    1) IIT Calcutta
    2) IIT Madras
    3) IIT Delhi
    4) IIT Kanpur
    5) IIT Gandhinagar
    Answer-2) IIT Madras
    Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Union Minister of Human Resource and Development (HRD) launched the world’s first online B.Sc Degree in Programming and Data science through the webinar, the programme was prepared by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(IIT-Madras).The programme is prepared with a focus on Data Science which is predicted to grow and provide 11.5 million job opportunities by 2026.

  3. Name the former prime minister of India who is popularly known as ‘Father of Indian Economic Reforms’.
    1) HD Deve Gowda
    2) PV Narasimha Rao
    3) IK Gujral
    4) Manmohan Singh
    5) VP Singh
    Answer-2) PV Narasimha Rao
    Government announced that it will release commemorative stamp to honour former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. He is regarded as the ‘Father of Indian Economic Reforms’. He was born on June 28, 1921 in Warangal.

  4. The central government has made amendment in Indian Stamp Act & Rules to implement uniform stamp duty on security market instrument with effect from July 1, 2020. The Indian stamp act was originally enacted in which year?
    1) 1917
    2) 1899
    3) 1850
    4) 1947
    5) 1987
    Answer-2) 1899
    Central Government has enforced the amendments to the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, and the Indian Stamp (Collection of Stamp-Duty through Stock Exchanges, Clearing Corporations and Depositories) Rules, 2019 as proposed under Part I, Chapter IV of the Finance Act, 2019 on 10th December, 2019. Therefore, the rate of stamp duty will change for debentures, transfer of demat securities, futures, options, currency and interest rate derivatives, government securities and repo on corporate bonds. Off-market transactions, including transfer of shares at the time of inheritance, gifts and transactions in unlisted securities among others, will also be charged a fee. These amendments are introducing a uniform rate of stamp duty on trading of shares and commodities which was being charged at different rates by different states. Notably, the changes were first scheduled to come into force on January 9, 2020, which was later extended to April 1, 2020. The implementation was further extended until July 1, 2020 amid lockdown.

  5. The central government declared entire area of which state as “Disturbed Area” for 6 more months under AFSPA Act, 1958?
    1) Assam
    2) Manipur
    3) Nagaland
    4) Sikkim
    5) Meghalaya
    Answer-3) Nagaland
    The Government of India declared the entire Nagaland as a “disturbed area” for another six months from 30 June, 2020 to 31, December, 2020 by exercising the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (No.28 of 1958).

  6. Which country has signed an agreement with India for formation of 50:50 Joint Venture Company of LPG business?
    1) Nepal
    2) Japan
    3) Bhutan
    4) Bangladesh
    5) Thailand
    Answer-4) Bangladesh
    India and Bangladesh signed an agreement for formation of 50:50 Joint Venture Company (JVC) of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) business in Bangladesh.IOC Middle East FZE, Dubai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation and RR Holdings Ltd., Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, the holding company of Beximco LPG, Bangladesh.

  7. Name the organisation which along with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released a report titled “Towards a clean economy”.
    1) Finance Commission (FC)
    2) Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
    3) National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog
    4) National Development Council (NDC)
    5) None of these
    Answer-3) National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog
    The new report on clean energy transition in India titled “Towards a Clean Energy Economy: Post-Covid-19 Opportunities for India’s Energy and Mobility Sectors” brought out jointly by the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to support India’s clean energy future.

  8. India has become the founding member of UN’s ‘Alliance for Poverty eradication’ recently. How many people across the globe has been classified as poor (approx)?
    1) 2.1 billion
    2) 1.7 billion
    3) 1.4 billion
    4) 3.7 billion
    5) 2.9 billion
    Answer-1) 2.1 billion
    India became a founding member of the United Nation(UN)’s ‘Alliance for Poverty eradication’ launched by Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, President of the 74th United Nation’s General Assembly(UNGA).Approximately 2.1 billion people are classified as poor across the globe, among which 767 million are living in extreme poverty. Over 271 million people of India have moved out of poverty between 2006 to 2016, according to the United Nations Development programme.

  9. The WTO settlement body has set up panel against which country based on complaint of European Union regarding import duties on ICT (information and communication technology)?
    1) Australia
    2) Russia
    3) United States
    4) China
    5) India
    Answer-5) India
    The World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DBS) has established a panel after the European Union (EU) has dragged India into the Dispute Settlement System of WTO for the second time against import duties on ICT (information and communication technology) products, including mobile phones, cameras, headphones and earphones, imposed by the country.

  10. Name the 1st African country which submits results for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) to UNFCCC.
    1) Nigeria
    2) Ethiopia
    3) Egypt
    4) Uganda
    5) Tanzania
    Answer-4) Uganda
    Uganda became the first African country to submit the results for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which has opened the way for potential result-based payments to Uganda. The submitted documents will help Uganda to claim the funds through the Green Climate Fund’s forest conservation scheme

  11. PM Modi has announced the extension of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana till November 2020 recently. What is the outlay towards extension of the scheme?
    1) 80,000 crores
    2) 70,000 crores
    3) 60,000 crores
    4) 90,000 crores
    5) 50,000 crores
    Answer-4) 90,000 crores
    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, during televised address to the nation, has announced the extension of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana (PMGKAY) from July, 2020 till the end of November 2020, with an outlay of more than Rs 90,000 crore. In this regard, more than 80 crore people will be provided 5 kg free wheat or rice per month along with 1 kg free whole chana (pulses) to each family per month. The scheme was initially rolled out for three months i.e. April-June.

  12. What is the amount that was provided by World bank to India for MSME Emergency Response Program?
    1) USD 750 million
    2) USD 850 million
    3) USD 500 million
    4) USD 700 million
    5) USD 800 million
    Answer-1) USD 750 million
    The World Bank approved a USD 750 million(about Rs.5600 Crore) Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) Emergency Response Program to support severely impacted MSMEs in India due to COVID-19 crisis. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development(IBRD) will provide the loan.

  13. What is the increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India during 2019-20 as per India’s International Investment Position (IIP) data released by RBI?
    1) $ 23 billion
    2) $15 billion
    3) $ 21 billion
    4) $19 billion
    5) $17 billion
    Answer-4) $ 19 billion
    In accordance with the India’s International Investment Position (IIP) data as at end-March 2020, released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country has raised by $19 billion while portfolio investment declined by $13.7 billion during 2019-20.

  14. Find the bank which has launched ‘e-Kisaan Dhan’ app for farmers.
    1) HDFC Bank
    2) IDBI Bank
    3) RBL Bank
    4) ICICI Bank
    5) DBS Bank
    Answer-1) HDFC Bank
    HDFC Bank has launched ‘e-Kisaan Dhan’ App for Farmers in India. This app provides information and knowledge to farmers which will help them to meet the needs of the rural ecosystem.

  15. Which bank is setting up an e-commerce portal named ‘Bharat Craft’ for marketing of products manufactured by MSMEs?
    1) State Bank of India
    2) Punjab National Bank
    3) Canara Bank
    4) United Bank of India
    5) Indian Bank
    Answer-1) State Bank of India
    State Bank of India is working on setting up an e-commerce portal for marketing of products manufactured by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country, its chairman Rajnish Kumar said on Saturday. The portal called Bharat Craft would be jointly run by the bank and the government.

  16. As per Fitch ratings Inc, India’s growth forecast for FY22 is _____.
    1) 6%
    2) 7%
    3) 8%
    4) 5%
    5) 4%
    Answer-3) 8%
    Fitch Ratings Inc in its June 2020 update of Global Economic Outlook (GEO), has lowered India’s growth forecast for FY 2021-22 to 8% from 9.5 % projected in May 2020 due to the toughest lockdown imposed by the central government to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, Fitch has not made any change in its previous estimate of a 5% decline in the economy during the current financial year (FY 2020-21).

  17. Which company in partnership with NASSCOM, UNDP and Pratham InfoTech Foundation, rolled out Global Bharat program to digitalize MSMEs?
    1) Microsoft India
    2) Facebook India
    3) SAP India
    4) Twitter India
    5) Google India
    Answer-3) SAP India
    SAP India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Germany based enterprise technology firm, in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Pratham InfoTech Foundation, has rolled out Global Bharat program to equip micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by providing them access to global marketplace, digital skilling for the workforce and transforming business processes.

  18. Which company has signed MoU with South Delhi Municipal Corporation on setting up a waste to energy plant at Okhla in Delhi?
    1) Indian Oil Limited
    2) NTPC Limited
    3) Gail India
    4) Both 1) and 2)
    5) Both 2) and 3)
    Answer-4) Both 1) and 2)
    A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between the Indian Oil, NTPC Ltd and South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on setting up a waste to energy plant at Okhla in Delhi.

  19. Rajkiran Rai G’s tenure as MD&CEO of which bank was extended for 2 years?
    1) Canara Bank
    2) Indian Bank
    3) Punjab National Bank
    4) State Bank of India
    5) Union Bank of India
    Answer-5) Union Bank of India
    Government extends the term of Rajkiran Rai G as the Managing Director(MD) and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Union Bank of India(UBI) by 2 years till May 31, 2022.

  20. Who has been appointed as the CEO of Central Board of Films Certification (CBFC) recently?
    1) Ravinder Bhakar
    2) Anurag Srivastava
    3) Prasoon Josh
    4) Akshay Kumar
    5) Amir Khan
    Answer-1) Ravinder Bhakar
    Ravinder Bhakar, a 1999 batch officer of Indian Railway Stores Service(IRSS), assumed charge as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Central Board of Films Certification(CBFC). He succeeds Anurag Srivastava.

  21. Shrikant Madhav Vaidya assumed charge as chairman of which PSU?
    1) Gas Authority of India Limited
    2) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
    3) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
    4) Indian Oil Corporation
    5) Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited
    Answer-4) Indian Oil Corporation
    Shrikant Madhav(S M) Vaidya assumed charge as the chairman of Indian Oil Corporation(IOC). He succeeds Sanjiv Singh who has superannuated.

  22. Which among the following has won two awards under the categories “Best Innovation for Covid-19 – Society” and “People Choice Covid-19 Overall Winner” in 4th annual CogX 2020?
    1) MyGov Corona Helpdesk
    2) Champions
    3) COVID tracker
    4) Aarogya Setu
    5) Corona Kavach
    Answer-1) MyGov Corona Helpdesk
    India’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) enabled “MyGov Corona Helpdesk” won two awards under the categories “Best Innovation for Covid-19 – Society” and “People Choice Covid-19 Overall Winner” in 4th CogX, the annual Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Emerging Technology held in London from June 8th to 10th. The AI enabled Helpdesk was designed, developed and deployed by JioHaptik Technologies Limited in collaboration with the WhatsApp team in 5 days.The theme of CogX 2020 is “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

  23. Who is the most valuable test player of 21st century as per Wisden?
    1) Alastair Cook
    2) Muttiah Muralitharan
    3) Ravinder Jadeja
    4) Kumar Sangakkara
    5) Rahul Dravid
    Answer-2) Muttiah Muralitharan
    Spin bowling all-rounder, 31 years old Ravinder Jadeja, was named India’s Most Valuable Player(MVP) of the 21st century by Wisden for his contribution in both batting and fielding. Jadeja’s MVP rating is around 97.3 making him the second most Valuable Test Player of the 21st Century which is second only to Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka (who is most valuable test player of 21st century).The CricViz, an analysis tool in cricket is used by the Wisden to analyse his performance.

  24. Who is the greatest test batsman of India as per Wisden poll?
    1) Sourav Ganguly
    2) Sunil Gavaskar
    3) Virat Kohli
    4) Sachin Tendulkar
    5) Rahul Dravid
    Answer-5) Rahul Dravid
    Wisden conducted the poll on its official facebook account to choose the among 16 Indian Batsmen. The list was later slashed to four finalists with Dravid against Sunil Gavaskar and Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. Around 11400 fans took part in the poll. “The Wall” Rahul Dravid tops the list with around 52% of the total votes and became India’s greatest test batsman.“God of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar secured the second position followed by Gavaskar and Virat Kohli in 3nd and 4th position.

  25. Which country planned to host 2021 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit virtually?
    1) United States
    2) Japan
    3) New Zealand
    4) Singapore
    5) India
    Answer-3) New Zealand
    New Zealand cancelled the 2021 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum that was scheduled to be held in Auckland, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is opting to lead a virtual summit.

  26. Name the country which participated in PASSEX naval exercise at Malacca Strait with India to promote understanding in Indian ocean.
    1) China
    2) Japan
    3) Sri Lanka
    4) Nepal
    5) Myanmar
    Answer-2) Japan
    In order to promote mutual understanding, Indian Navy and Japanese Navy (Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force) have conducted a day long Naval Exercise PASSEX (Passing Exercise) for tactical and communications training, towards the Malacca Strait in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). This was the 15th exercise undertaken by the navies of these two nations in the last three years. The overall content of this PASSEX was goodwill training and to promote understanding.

  27. Who authored the book titled ‘Bharatiya Loktanktra Ka Koras: Kuch Bisari Bikhari Dhwaniyan’?
    1) Priyamvad
    2) SuryaKant Tripathi
    3) Premchand
    4) Shrilal Shukla
    5) Kamaleswar
    Answer-1) Priyamvad
    Hindi literature writer Priyamvad to release his new book, ‘Bharatiya Loktanktra Ka Koras: Kuch Bisari Bikhari Dhwaniyan’ in 2021. The book is published by Penguin Random House India’s Indian language publishing division, Hind Pocket Books.

  28. The National Doctors Day (NDD) was observed annually on July 1 every year. What is the theme for NDD 2020?
    1) “Lessen the Mortality of COVID-19”
    2) “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”
    3) “Salute the COVID warriors”
    4) “Let us win together against COVID-19”
    5) None of these
    Answer-1) “Lessen the Mortality of COVID-19”
    India Celebrates July 1st as the National Doctors Day to honour the doctors and physicians and to recognise their 24×7 service to the society and to express gratitude towards the professionals of the medical sector for their service. Indian Medical Association (IMA) observed the first National Doctors Day on 1st July 1991. The theme of 2020 Doctors Day is “Lessen the Mortality of COVID-19” which includes awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy.

  29. National Chartered Accountants Day is celebrated every year on _______.
    1) June 30
    2) July 2
    3) June 29
    4) July 1
    5) June 28
    Answer-4) July 1
    National Chartered Accountants Day is celebrated annually on July 1 to honour the Chartered Accountant(CA). The day marks the establishment of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI) in 1949 under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. This year 2020 is the 72nd celebration of the day.

STATIC GK based on Current Affairs

  1. The National Productivity Council (NPC) works under which ministry?
    1) Rural Development ministry
    2) Home Affairs ministry
    3) Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries ministry
    4) Commerce and Industry ministry
    5) Road Transport and Highways ministry
    Answer-4) Commerce and Industry ministry
    The 49th Governing Council Meeting of National Productivity Council (NPC), an autonomous body under Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India was held today through video conferencing. It was chaired by Shri Piyush Goyal, Commerce & Industry Minister and President of NPC Governing Council.

  2. What is the name of India’s first human space mission which was planned to be launched in 2022?
    1) Aditya-L1
    2) Mangalyaan-2
    3) Chandrayaan-3
    4) Shukrayaan
    5) Gaganyaan
    Answer-5) Gaganyaan
    Union Minister for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh has said that the launch of India’s first human space mission “Gaganyaan” will not be affected by COVID pandemic and preparation are carrying on in the right direction. Dr. Singh informed that even though the training of four Indian astronauts in Russia had to be halted due to the pandemic but the department had kept a contingency cushion period both in the training programme and launch deadline. He said, the training of astronauts has now been resumed and the launch is scheduled to take place as planned, before the 75th anniversary of India’s independence in 2022. Speaking about Chandrayaan-3, India’s Lunar mission, Dr. Singh said, it is planned for launch next year.

  3. Mississippi which is in news recently is the constituent state of which country?
    1) Japan
    2) India
    3) United States
    4) Russia
    5) China
    Answer-3) United States
    The Mississippi state legislature on Sunday passed a bill to remove the Confederate emblem from their flag in a historic referendum on the only remaining state flag to feature the Confederate insignia. Mississippi is part of US.

  4. Where is the HQ of Union Bank of India (UBI) located?
    1) Mumbai
    2) Chennai
    3) Bengaluru
    4) Kolkata
    5) New Delhi
    Answer-1) Mumbai
    The HQ of Union Bank of India (UBI) located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  5. Where is the HQ of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) located?
    1) Nairobi
    2) Vienna
    3) Bonn
    4) Rome
    5) Geneva
    Answer-3) Bonn
    The HQ of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) located at Bonn, Germany.