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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 31

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in FILL IN THE BLANK, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

  1. That is the reality of the present wave of terrorism__________ from Pakistan.
    1) Predict
    2) Emanating
    3) Spread
    4) Diffusion
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation: Emanating

  2. Policymakers need to even ignore the public posturing by terrorists, because there are________ private reasons that would tell us better about why, in the first place, they took up arms.
    1) Because
    2) In fact
    3) Often
    4) Though
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: Often

  3. There is a definite dose of misrepresented Islamist__________ that is being used to influence these youth.
    1) Rude
    2) Lazy
    3) Fervour
    4) Dull
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: Fervour

  4. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is___________ banks in several ways to do this.
    1) Clashing
    2) Demonstrating
    3) Irritating
    4) Goading
    Answer – 4)
    Explanation: Goading

  5. These were called recapitalisation bonds and were converted into marketable securities__________ to government paper in subsequent years.
    1) Figment
    2) Stringent
    3) Akin
    4) Dissimilar
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: Akin

  6. Putting a number to the damage that an economy can suffer, if a few big banks fail or if they are unable to fund the demands of a__________ corporate sector, will be more of guesswork.
    1) Resurgent
    2) Ignorant
    3) Commitment
    4) Pertinent
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation: Resurgent

  7. This exercise was budget-neutral, meaning that there was no_________ cash outgo and it did not add to the fiscal deficit.
    1) Incident
    2) Direct
    3) In-Direct
    4) Cause
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation: Direct

  8. A cost-benefit exercise may not be straightforward, because while costs are known, benefits are not easily_________.
    1) Counted
    2) Infinite
    3) Evacuate
    4) Measurable
    Answer – 4)
    Explanation: Measurable

  9. For an Assembly that had_________ Kashmir militancy over the years, this is a dramatic turnaround, and a smart move.
    1) Mitigate
    2) Fluctuate
    3) Vehemently
    4) Slow-down
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: Vehemently

  10. His illiterate father thought that the Daura-e-Aama course_________ to Islamic studies, but the young man was being trained to kill others.
    1) Pertained
    2) Sentiment
    3) Decline
    4) Deteriorate
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation: 1) Pertained