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World’s First Solar Powered Aircraft ‘Solar Impulse’ To Visit India

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Switzerland based Solar Impulse, World’s first day and night solar powered bodied plane will make a stop on  Ahmedabad on Tuesday, 10th March 2015. The plane, powered only by the sun, is attempting to be the first such aircraft to fly around the world. On 9th March 2015, it completed a 13-hour flight from Abu Dhabi.

After landing in Ahmedabad, The solar powered Aircraft founders and Pilots Andre Borschberg and Betrand Piccard are likely to stay in city for 2 days and thereafter will leave for Varanasi.

The main motive of this first-ever solar powered solar impulse plane is to spread the awareness about the clean Technology. The flight will highlight how technology can drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels in energy consumption.

During their visit in India, Andre Borschberg and Betrand Piccard, will visit school, NGOs and universities to spread the message of clean technology. The aircraft will fly over Ganga in Varanasi to communicate the same message.

This round-the-world flight will take-off from Abu Dhabi and make a halt at Muscat (Oman), Ahmedabad and Varanasi in India, Mandalay in Myanmar and Chongqing and Nanjing in China.

Characteristics of Solar Impulse 2

  • It is a single seater aircraft.
  • Made of Carbon Fibre
  • Weight : 2300 KG
  • Wingspan: 72 Meters
  • The 17,000 solar cells recharge four polymer lithium batteries which amounts to 633 KG (2077 lbs) each which allow the aircraft to Fly at Night and therefore to have virtually unlimited Autonomy.
  • Battery Energy Density 4*260 Wh/Kg
  • Solar Cells Thickness: 135 Micron